Information for Military Families and Veterans

Information for Military Families and Veterans

Education Benefits

Sources intended to equip veterans with the information that will help them to fairly compete in today's competitive job-placement environment and information on funding for education for military personnel and their families.

  • Financial Aid
    Source for free information, guidance, and tools for federal student assistance

  • Applying for Grants and Contracts
    Guide to programs: descriptions, eligibility information, and contact numbers

  • Parents
    Information on federal funding for elementary and secondary school programs for children

  • Students
    Free source on preparing for and funding education beyond high school

  • Benefits Summary Information (PDF, 63K)
    Overview of education-related benefits for veterans, military personnel, and their families.

External Links to Additional Education-related Resources

Online information that assists veterans, and members of the military and their families with scholarships and employment.

Other Programs and Services

  • Troops-to-Teachers
    Provides funds to recruit, prepare, and support former members of the military in a new career as teachers in public schools where their skills, knowledge, and experience are most needed; also helps these individuals find employment in high-need local education agencies (LEAs) or charter schools.

  • Veteran's Upward Bound Program
    Designed to motivate and assist veterans in the development of academic and other requisite skills necessary for acceptance and success in a program of postsecondary education.

  • Disabled Veterans Services (MS Word, 42K)
    Gives information that will assist our nation's disabled veterans and their families in understanding disability as defined by the law, accommodations, and potential discrimination.

  • Military Spouse
    Provides information about employment and education specifically for military spouses.

  • Department of Education's Veterans Employment Program Office
    Aimed at increasing the employment of nondisabled and disabled veterans throughout the Department and encouraging their integration into the ED workforce nationwide through effective training, career development. and promotional opportunities.

  • DoD-ED Memorandum of Understanding (PDF, 47K)
    Establishes a framework for collaboration between the two departments to address the quality of education and the unique challenges facing K–12 children of military families.