Transforming Teaching and Leading

Recognizing Educational Success, Professional Excellence, and Collaborative Teaching (RESPECT)

An Educator-led Movement

RESPECT represents a movement within the education profession to elevate and transform teaching and leading so that all of our students are prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century. As the demands of our world continue to expand, our students need educators who are well prepared, compensated, and treated as professionals.

A New Vision for Teaching and Leading

After two years of discussion with teachers, school leaders, and other stakeholders, the President has unveiled a Blueprint for RESPECT [PDF, 4.5MB | ePub, 1.2MB ]. Read the President's plan to assist educators in their work to transform their profession.

link to PDF of Blueprint for RESPECTlink to ePub of Blueprint for RESPECT

Seven Critical Components

  1. A Culture of Shared Responsibility and Leadership

    In a transformed profession, educators take collective ownership for student learning; structures of shared decision-making and open-door practice provide educators with the collaborative autonomy to do what is best for each student; and the profession takes upon itself the responsibility for ensuring that high standards of practice are met. In this professional culture, teachers and principals together make the primary decisions about educator selection, assignment, evaluation, dismissal, and career advancement—with student learning at the center of all such decisions.

  2. Top Talent, Prepared for Success
  3. Continuous Growth and Professional Development
  4. Effective Teachers and Principals
  5. A Professional Career Continuum with Competitive Compensation
  6. Conditions for Successful Teaching and Learning
  7. Engaged Communities

Trace the Path of RESPECT

map showing locations of RESPECT events held by Teaching Ambassador Fellows

Trace the RESPECT movement from its inception and learn more about how the vision was developed. Read the RESPECT vision [MS Word, 147KB] for the profession developed by teachers and leaders.

Join the RESPECT Movement!

link to Get Involved pageGet involved today! Take a self-inventory of your school or district's progress on RESPECT and access resources for taking action. Send us your reflections, questions, and ideas for action steps at or on Twitter using #RESPECTeaching.

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