ED Records Management Program

Archived Information

ED Records Management Program

Aligned to goals:
  • 1.1: Provide clarity and guidance on privacy rules and regulations to ensure that information and data can be shared in a timely manner with the public while still protecting individual privacy as required by law.
  • 1.3: Improve the timeliness of FOIA processing and document release.

The Regulatory and Information Management Services (RIMS) is responsible for developing and implementing strategies and programs designed to ensure compliance with federal information management requirements.

In performing its responsibilities, the division:

  • Serves as the Department's principal authority and representative on records management statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements to assure compliance with National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) directives.
  • Develops records retention and disposition schedules for NARA approval. Disseminates NARA-approved records retention and disposition schedules for Department -wide implementation.
  • Develops clear and consistent business rules (standards) for records management.
  • Provides guidance and instruction to Department staff for the appropriate handling, maintenance, and disposition of records.
  • Develops and provides print and Web-based training to Department employees and contractors regarding records management responsibilities. Oversees the implementation and management of Department-wide systems and databases that support the successful and efficient handling of records.

Information about the RIMS process for handling records is available online at Records Management Process Information

Information about the Regulatory Information Management Services organization is available online at Regulatory Information Management Services.