Congressional Requests for Information

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Congressional Requests for Information

Aligned to goals:
  • 1.3: Improve the timeliness of FOIA processing and document release.
  • 3.1: Enhance collaboration with other federal and non-federal agencies, the public, and non-profit and private entities.

The Department of Education's Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs (OLCA) has a wide range of responsibilities, the most important of which is to coordinate all Department matters relating to Congress. OLCA has a leadership role in planning, developing, and implementing the Department's legislative goals and strategies, notifying Congressional offices of grant awards and Department initiatives, addressing appropriations and budget matters, and monitoring the status of legislative proposals.

OLCA's organizational structure consists of political leadership that communicates the administration's position on education issues, career staff for legislative policy that advise on legislation, and Congressional affairs staff that aid in resolving constituent concerns.

OLCA also works with employees throughout the Department to respond to written and oral inquiries from individual members of Congress, to prepare for legislative hearings, and to schedule and facilitate meetings between members of Congress and Department senior officers.

The inquiries that are received by OLCA are tracked through the Department's correspondence control system. Each issue submitted through a Congressional inquiry is assigned to the appropriate principal office within the Department for response. Responses are typically completed within three to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the inquiry.

Congressional members can contact OLCA through its main telephone lines at 202-401-1028 or 202-401-0020. Electronic mail can be submitted to Correspondence can also be mailed to 400 Maryland Ave. SW, Washington, DC 20202-3100.

OLCA is in daily contact with members of Congress. This interaction ensures that the initiatives of Congress and the Department are achieved. (See OLCA). A list of OLCA staff can be found at and is reproduced below.

Key OLCA Staff

Gabriella Gomez—Assistant Secretary
Lloyd Horwich—Deputy Assistant Secretary Jodie Fingland—Chief of Staff

OLCA Legislative Policy Staff

Doris Dixon—Legislative Affairs Specialist
Cynthia Hammond—Legislative Affairs Specialist
Linda Wilson—Legislative Affairs Specialist
Crystal Martinez—Confidential Assistant
Will Ragland—Confidential Assistant
Kristen Adams—Confidential Assistant
Shannon Diamant—Special Assistant
Thomas M. Kelley—Legislative Congressional Affairs Specialist
Jeffrey Chapman Jr.—Assistant to Thomas M. Kelley

OLCA Congressional Staff

Michael Hamlin—Congressional Liaison Specialist/Casework
Theresa Toye—Congressional Liaison Specialist/Correspondence
Allison Hester—Program Support Assistant
Barbara "Birdie" Dorsey—Program Support Assistant
Chuenee Boston—Grant Specialist
Jerine Coley—Office Automation Clerk

Executive Administrative Staff

Paula Shipp—Executive Officer
Lisa Carter—Management and Program Analyst

Contact information for this office is:
Phone: 202-401-0020 OR 202-401-1028