May 2015

  • May 14, 2015
    Thank you, Dr. McCallin for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure to share the platform with you and Ms. Peña. Thank you both for your leadership, and for all that Colorado's community colleges do to help students—from every walk of life—fulfill their tremendous potential. The...
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  • May 9, 2015
    I. Intro Thank you so much, and good morning. I'm so honored to be with you today, and to join in celebrating the class of 2015's success. We're all living in a moment when so many aspects of our society and the world are in the midst of being reimagined, and redefined. Astounding...
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  • May 2, 2015
    Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for that very kind introduction—and for your unwavering stewardship of this important institution. Both here and throughout your remarkable career, you have brought a visionary approach to an ever-changing educational landscape. It's a real honor to be with you and...
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