Secretary DeVos Approves Washington’s ESSA State Plan

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Secretary DeVos Approves Washington’s ESSA State Plan

January 16, 2018

WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today announced the approval of Washington’s consolidated state plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

“Washington’s plan met the requirements of the law, and so I am happy to approve it,” said Secretary DeVos. “This plan should not be seen as a ceiling, but as a foundation upon which Washington can improve education for its students.”

Allowing states more flexibility in how they deliver education to students is at the core of ESSA. Each state crafted a plan that it feels will best offer educational opportunities to meet the needs of the state and its students.

The following are some of the unique elements from Washington’s approved plan as highlighted by the state:

  • Broadens its accountability system beyond measures of student performance alone by including measures related to attendance; ninth graders on track for graduation; and participation in dual credit/advanced coursework.
  • Emphasizes the role of the career continuum for teachers and principals and ensures that professional learning supports a positive impact on student learning.

“Washington has united to produce a top-notch plan. Everyone involved put aside partisan lenses for the sake of our students. The result has been nothing short of amazing. Our plan contains the expert thinking of hundreds of education experts, as well as countless hours of staff time. I am proud and honored to be a part of our plan,” said Chris Reykdal, Washington superintendent of public instruction. “Our plan will define education in Washington for years to come. I look forward to the great work that will be done on behalf of our students.”