Secretary DeVos Announces Approval of Delaware's State ESSA Plan

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Secretary DeVos Announces Approval of Delaware's State ESSA Plan

August 1, 2017

Washington — U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today announced the approval of Delaware's consolidated state plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Delaware is the first plan advanced to the Secretary for her review and approval.

"Delaware has always been a state of firsts, so it should be no surprise that theirs was both the first state plan submitted and the first approved under ESSA," said Secretary DeVos.

"My criteria for approval is clear: does the state's plan adhere to the law? Delaware demonstrated their plan does, and so I am happy to approve it. I hope it will give the students, families and educators in the state a strong foundation for a great education.

"Throughout the process, Delaware's leaders have been terrific partners. I want to thank Gov. Carney, Secretary of Education Bunting and State Board President Loftus for their work and collaboration on putting forth a plan that embraces ESSA's spirit of flexibility and creative thinking."

Delaware was the first of 16 states and the District of Columbia to opt to submit their complete consolidated state plan by the first deadline on April 3. The remaining states' plans are due by the second deadline on September 18. ESSA gives the Secretary of Education final approval of a state's plan.