Education Secretary Duncan Announces New Teacher Quality Grants Aimed at Improving Student Academic Success

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Education Secretary Duncan Announces New Teacher Quality Grants Aimed at Improving Student Academic Success

March 30, 2010

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced the award of $99.8 million for 12 new five-year Teacher Quality Partnership grants that aim to raise student achievement by improving instruction in our nation's schools. The grants, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will be used to reform traditional university teacher preparation programs as well as create teacher residency programs for professionals from other fields entering the teaching profession.

"Teaching has never been more difficult, or more important," Duncan said, "and the need for student success has never been more urgent. These grants will strengthen teacher preparation and residency programs to ensure that new teachers, whether entering from college or from other careers, have the skills to boost student learning and be highly effective in today's diverse and challenging classrooms."

The partnerships announced today are comprised of high-need school districts and their high-need schools in collaboration with an institution of higher education and its schools of education and arts and sciences. Other partners often include community organizations, state agencies, charter schools, foundations, and businesses.

Of the 12 grants announced today, seven will focus on improving their teacher residency programs, which follow the medical model in which residents are placed in schools with comprehensive induction and extensive support. Teaching residents are paid a living wage and expected to teach for three years in a partnering high-need school. Three of the grantees will reform their pre-baccalaureate or fifth year licensing program, and two will do both. All grantees will collect and use student achievement data to determine the impact of participating teachers on student learning and for continuous program improvement. Five of the grants will also develop and implement a school leadership program to prepare candidates for careers as principals, superintendents, and other school leaders.

Earlier this week the Obama administration unveiled its plan to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Act, which includes incentives and supports for states and school districts to recruit, prepare, reward and retain effective teachers and school leaders. The 2011 budget request for teacher and leader effectiveness programs is aligned with these goals, and reflects the secretary's firm belief that great teachers and principals are essential to improve student achievement.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Below is a list of grantees, alphabetical by state, with project name, project director, contact information, and grant amount.


Applicant NameStateFive-Year Funding
California State University – Northridge
Project Name: Teaching Residency Program in Special Education
Project Director: Nancy Burstein
Phone: (818) 677-2596
Denver School District No. 1
Project Name: Denver Teacher Residency
Project Director: Thalia Nawi
Email: Phone: (720) 423-3213
Iowa Department of Education
Project Name: Iowa Teacher Quality Partnership Project
Project Director: Mary Beth Schroeder Fracek
Email: Marybeth.Schroederfracek@Iowa.Gov
Phone: (515) 281-3160
Governors State University
Project Name: Chicago Southland Region Teacher Quality Partnership Project Director: Pamela Guimond
Phone: (708) 534-4546
University of Chicago
Project Name: University of Chicago Urban Education Institute's Urban Teacher Education Program
Project Director: Timothy Knowles
Phone: (713) 834-0218
Boston Plan for Excellence
Project Name: Boston Teacher Residency Partnership
Project Director: Jesse Solomon
Phone: (617) 227-8055x342
University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Project Name: Project ENRICH
Project Director: Betty Epanchin
Phone: (336) 334-5993
North Carolina$6,948,132
Questa Independent Schools
Project Name: Land of Enchantment Teacher Quality Partnership
Project Director: Linda Coy
Phone: (505) 599-8771
New Mexico$8,680,166
Lehman College
Project Name: Mathematics Achievement with Teachers of High-need Urban Populations
Project Director: Deborah Eldridge
Phone: (718) 960-8401
New York$7,662,612
National Math and Science Initiative, Inc.
Project Name: The Teacher Preparation Reform Consortium
Project Director: Margaret Hirsch
Phone: (214) 665-2550
Virginia Commonwealth University
Project Name: Richmond Teacher Residency Program
Project Director: Therese Dozier
Phone: (804) 828-1305
Heritage University
Project Name: Heritage 105: Heritage University and ESD 105 Collaborative
Project Director: Corrine McGuigan
Phone: (509) 865-8653