Department Awards More Than $141 Million to State Agencies to Improve College Access

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Department Awards More Than $141 Million to State Agencies to Improve College Access

October 1, 2010

The U.S. Department of Education today announced the award of more than $141 million from the College Access Challenge Grant Program to 50 states, five territories, the District of Columbia and the Republic of Palau. The program aims to increase college access for low-income students and help them complete their postsecondary education.

Grantees are authorized to implement an array of activities and services, such as:

  • Providing information to students and families on postsecondary education benefits, opportunities, planning and career preparation, financing options, financial literacy and debt management;
  • Implementing professional development for guidance counselors at middle and secondary schools, and financial aid administrators and college admissions counselors at institutions of higher education, to improve such individuals' capacity to assist students and parents; and
  • Offering need-based aid to students and repayment or cancellation of student loans, or lowering of interest rates for borrowers who are employed in a high-need geographical area or a high need profession.

Following is a list of FY 2010 grantees, including contact information award amounts:

(Note to editors: Awards for Mississippi, Rhode Island and South Carolina are still being determined.)

ALABAMA ($2,052,910), Alabama Department of Education, Sherry Key, 334-242-9111.
ALASKA ($1,500,000), Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, Laura Jergensen, 907-269-7591.
ARIZONA ($2,931,727), Office of the Governor, Debra Raeder-Gay, 602-771-1205.
ARKANSAS ($1,500,000), Department of Higher Education, Brooks Harrington, 501-371-2013.
CALIFORNIA ($15,038,830), Student Aid Commission, Janet McDuffie, 916-464-8040.
COLORADO ($1,651,716), Colorado Department of Higher Education, Cheryl Lovell, 303-866-8123.
CONNECTICUT ($1,500,000), Department of Higher Education, Mark French, 860-947-1856.
DELAWARE ($1,500,000), Department of Education, Susan Haberstroh, 302-735-4025.
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ($1,500,000), Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Renee Faulkner, 202-724-7146.
FLORIDA ($6,391,555), Florida Department of Education, Levis Hughes, 850-410-6810.
GEORGIA ($4,170,570), Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Patricia Paterson, 404-463-0105.
HAWAII ($1,500,000), Charter School Administrative Office, Roger McKeague, 808-586-3798.
IDAHO ($1,500,000), Idaho Board of Education, Dana Kelly, 208-334-2270.
ILLINOIS ($4,621,733), Illinois Student Assistance Commission, Jacqueline Moreno, 847-948-8500.
INDIANA ($2,440,928), Commission of Higher Education, Jason Bearce, 317-464-4400.
IOWA ($1,500,000), Iowa College Student Aid Commission, Michael Anderson, 515-725-3406.
KANSAS ($1,500,000), Kansas Board of Regents, Diane Lindeman, 785-296-4749.
KENTUCKY ($2,051,545), Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, Susan Hopkins, 502-696-7379.
LOUISIANA ($2,221,573), Louisiana Board of Regents, Heather Poole, 318-484-2184.
MAINE ($1,500,000), Finance Authority of Maine, Angela Dostie, 207-623-3263.
MARYLAND ($1,500,000), Higher Education Commission, Melinda Vann, 410-260-4578.
MASSACHUSETTS ($1,703,211), Department of Higher Education, Aundrey Kelley, 617-994-6937.
MICHIGAN ($4,268,548), Department of Education, Mary Ann Chartrand, 517-373-4013.
MINNESOTA ($1,500,000), Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Nancy Walters, 651-259-3907.
MISSISSIPPI ($1,850,911), Institutions of Higher Learning, Marsha Watson, 601-432-617.
MISSOURI ($1,500,000), Missouri Department of Higher Education, Leroy Wade, 573-751-2361
MONTANA ($1,500,000), Department of Labor & Industry Workforce Services, Michael Cooney, 406-444-2648.
NEBRASKA ($1,500,000), Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary, Katherine Green, 402-471-0026.
NEVADA ($1,500,000), Higher Education Policy Commission, Adam Green, 304-558-0655.
NEW HAMPSHIRE ($1,500,000), New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission, Kathryn Dodge, 603-271-2555.
NEW JERSEY ($2,191,189), State of New Jersey, Iris Duffield, 609-292-4310.
NEW MEXICO ($1,500,000), New Mexico Higher Education Department, Karen Kennedy, 505-476-8409.
NEW YORK ($7,601,629), Higher Education Services, Patricia Thompson, 518-473-0414.
NEW CAROLINA ($3,827,447), University of North Carolina General Administration, Bruce Mallette, 919-962-4907.
NORTH DAKOTA ($1,500,000), Bank of North Dakota, Wally Erhardt, 701-328-5654.
OHIO ($4,381,431), Board of Regents, Charles Shahid, 614-644-5959.
OKLAHOMA ($1,694,526), Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Debra Stuart, 405-225-9168.
OREGON ($1,500,000), Oregon University System, Joseph Holiday, 541-346-5729.
PENNSYLVANIA ($4,167,672), Pennsylvania Department of Education, Sandra Edmunds, 717-787-5041.
SOUTH DAKOTA ($1,500,000), Department of Education, LuAnn Werdel, 605-773-3783.
TENNESSEE ($2,716,766), Higher Education Commission, Kathleen Tone, 615-741-7565.
TEXAS ($11,845,689), Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Judith Loredo, 512-427-6545.
UTAH ($1,500,000), Utah State Board of Regents, Melissa Miller-Kincart, 801-366-8492.
VERMONT ($1,500,000), Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, Scott Giles, 802-654-3740.
VIRGINIA ($2,240,031), State Council of Higher Education, Joseph Defilippo, 804-225-2629.
WASHINGTON ($2,084,539), Higher Education Coordination Board, Weiya Liang, 360-753-7884
WEST VIRGINIA ($1,500,000), Higher Education Policy Commission, Adam Green, 304-558-0655.
WISCONSIN ($1,638,380), Department of Administration, Harald Jordahl, 608-261-7520.
WYOMING ($1,500,000), University of Wyoming, Becky Vinzant, 307-766-6440.
AMERICAN SAMOA ($1,169,126), American Samoa Community College, Kathleen Kolhoff, 684-699-2182.
GUAM ($1,500,000), Guam Community College, Joanne Ige, 671-735-5516.
NORTHERN MARIANAS ($1,500,000), Northern Marianas Community College, Leo Pangelinan, 670-234-5498.
Puerto Rico ($433,146), University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Ana Helvia Quintera, 787-765-9250.
VIRGIN ISLANDS ($1,500,000), University of Virgin Islands, Miriam Osborne Elliott, 340-692-4188.
PALAU ($1,500,000), Palau Ministry of Education, Masa-Aki Emeslochl, 680-488-2952.

You can find abstracts for all the FY 2010 grant awards on the CACG Web site,