Colleges and Universities in 32 States and D.C. Awarded More Than $21 Million in Grants to Help Students Pursue Graduate Fellowships in STEM-Related and Other High-Need Subjects

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Colleges and Universities in 32 States and D.C. Awarded More Than $21 Million in Grants to Help Students Pursue Graduate Fellowships in STEM-Related and Other High-Need Subjects

September 25, 2012

The U.S. Department of Education today announced the award of more than $21 million in grants to help fund 478 fellowships in colleges and universities in 32 states and Washington, D.C. The awards were made under the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program, which helps to support graduate fellowships for students who need financial assistance for higher education and who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement. Students who benefit from funding through the GAANN program must pursue the highest degree available in their course of study.

The academic disciplines designated as areas of national need for these grants include subjects in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), such as biological sciences, chemistry, computer and information sciences, physics, and research, to name a few.

"These grants support our ongoing efforts to help strengthen America's leadership in the 21st century by improving education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics," said U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. "This fellowship assistance helps increase the number of teachers with a strong background in math and science, as well as the number of graduate students who complete degrees in these areas."

One-hundred and thirty-six awardees will receive three years of funding under the FY 2012 GAANN program.

To find more information on the program, visit the GAANN Web site.

Following is a list of grantees:


  • Auburn University—$177,688—Engineering
  • Auburn University—$177,688—Interdisciplinary
  • Univ. of AL at Birmingham—$133,266—Mathematics
  • Univ. of AL at Birmingham—$133,266—Physics


  • Arizona State University—$133,266—Mathematics
  • Arizona State University—$133,266—Mathematics


  • University of California, Berkeley—$133,266—Area Studies
  • University of California, Berkeley—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of California, Davis—$177,688—Chemistry
  • University of California, Davis—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of California, Davis—$133,266—Mathematics
  • University of California, Davis—$133,266—Physics
  • University of California, Irvine—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of California, Irvine—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of California, Irvine—$266,532—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of California, Irvine—$266,532—Chemistry
  • University of California, Irvine—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of California, Irvine—$266,532—Mathematics
  • University of California, L.A.—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of California, Riverside—$222,110—Chemistry
  • University of California, Riverside—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of California, Riverside—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of California, San Diego—$266,532—Chemistry


  • University of Colorado, Boulder—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Colorado, Boulder—$177,688—Engineering
  • University of Colorado, Boulder—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Colorado, Boulder—$177,688—Interdisciplinary
  • Connecticut
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs—$133,266—Evaluation/research/stats
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs—$177,688—Nursing
  • District of Columbia
  • Howard University—$133,266—Mathematics


  • University of Delaware—$133,266—Mathematics


  • Florida State University—$133,266—Computer& Info Sciences


  • Georgia Tech—$266,532—Chemistry
  • Georgia State University—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • Georgia Tech—$266,532—Interdisciplinary


  • University of Iowa—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Iowa—$133,266—Mathematics
  • DePaul University—$177,688—Computer& Info Sciences


  • DePaul University—$177,688—Computer & Info Sciences
  • University of Chicago—$133,266—Biological-/Life Sciences
  • University of Chicago—$177,688—Biological-/Life Sciences
  • University of Chicago—$266,532—Chemistry
  • University of Chicago—$133,266—Mathematics


  • University of Notre Dame—$222,110—Computer & Info Sciences
  • Indiana University—$177,688—Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • Purdue University—$133,266—Interdisciplinary


  • Louisiana State University—$177,688—Chemistry
  • Louisiana State University—$133,266—Mathematics


  • Tufts University—$133,266—Chemistry
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute—$177,688—Computer & Info Sciences
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute—$133,266—Engineering
  • Brandeis University—$177,688—Mathematics
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston—$177,688—Nursing


  • Johns Hopkins—$222,110—Mathematics
  • University of Maryland—$177,688—Chemistry
  • University of Maryland—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County—$133,266—Computer & Info Sciences
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore—$177,688—Nursing
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences


  • University of Michigan—$133,266—Chemistry
  • Michigan State University—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Michigan—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • Wayne State University—$133,266—Mathematics


  • University of Minnesota—$133,266—Engineering


  • University of Missouri, Columbia—$177,688—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of Missouri, Columbia—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Missouri, Columbia—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Missouri, Rolla—$177,688—Computer & Info Sciences
  • University of Missouri, Rolla—$133,266—Interdisciplinary


  • University of Mississippi—$133,266—Chemistry
  • Mississippi State University—$177,688—Chemistry
  • University of Southern Mississippi—$177,688—Engineering
  • University of Mississippi—$133,266—Mathematics

North Carolina

  • North Carolina State University—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • North Carolina State University—$133,266—Mathematics
  • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill—$177,688—Mathematics


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln—$177,688—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln—$177,688—Mathematics
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln—$177,266—Physics

New Hampshire

  • Dartmouth—$177,688—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • Dartmouth—$266,532—Chemistry
  • Dartmouth—$177,688—Mathematics
  • Dartmouth—$133,266—Physics

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology—$133,266—Engineering
  • Rutgers—$133,266—Chemistry
  • Rutgers—$177,688—Computer & Info Sciences
  • Rutgers—$133,266—Engineering
  • Rutgers—$133,266—Engineering
  • Rutgers—$133,266—Mathematics

New Mexico

  • New Mexico State University—$133,266—Computer & Info Sciences
  • University of New Mexico—$133,266—Engineering

New York

  • City University of New York—$177,688—Interdisciplinary
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York Univ.—$133,266—Engineering
  • Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute—$133,266—Mathematics
  • State Univ. of New York-Binghamton—$133,266—Engineering
  • State Univ. of New York-Stony Brook—$177,688—Chemistry
  • State Univ. of New York-Stony Brook—$177,688—Mathematics
  • University of Rochester—$177,688—Chemistry


  • Case Western Reserve University—$133,266—Chemistry
  • Case Western Reserve University—$133,266—Engineering
  • Case Western Reserve University—$133,266—Physics


  • University of Oklahoma—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences


  • Lehigh University—$177,688—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • University of Pittsburgh—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Pennsylvania—$133,266—Engineering
  • Drexel University—$133,266—Engineering
  • Drexel University—$177,688—Engineering
  • Drexel University—$177,688—Engineering
  • University of Pennsylvania—$177,688—Engineering
  • Carnegie Mellon University—$133,266—Interdisciplinary
  • University of Pittsburgh—$133,266—Nursing

Rhode Island

  • Brown University—$133,266—Interdisciplinary

South Carolina

  • Medical University of South Carolina—$133,266—Biological-/Life Sciences
  • South Carolina Research Foundation—$133,266—Chemistry
  • Clemson University—$133,266—Engineering
  • Clemson University—$266,532—Engineering
  • University of South Carolina—$133,266—Physics


  • University of Tennessee, Chattanooga—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville—$177,688—Engineering
  • Middle Tennessee State University—$133,266—Foreign Languages & Literatures


  • University of Houston—$133,266—Ed Evaluation & Research Stats
  • University of Houston—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Texas-Pan American—$177,688—Mathematics
  • University of Texas at Arlington—$177,688—Computer & Info Sciences
  • University of Texas at Arlington—$177,688—Mathematics
  • University of Texas at Austin—$133,266—Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • University of Texas at El Paso—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Texas at Arlington—$133,266—Engineering


  • Washington State University—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Washington—$133,266—Engineering


  • Marquette University—$133,266—Biological-/Life-Sciences
  • Marquette University—$133,266—Engineering
  • University of Wisconsin—$133,266—Mathematics