Twelve school districts made presentations on how labor and management are working together in their districts.

ABC Board of Education Local Educational Agency Plan (PowerPoint, 438KB)

Baltimore Public Schools (PowerPoint, 336KB)

Denver Public Schools (PowerPoint, 868KB)

Douglas County School District (PowerPoint, 10.2MB)

Green Dot Public Schools (PowerPoint, 545KB)

Helena Education Association and Helena Public Schools (PowerPoint, 508KB)
-- Professional Compensation Alternative Plan (PDF, 373KB)

Hillsborough County Public School (PowerPoint, 1.2MB)

Montgomery County Public Schools (PowerPoint, 4.2MB)

New Haven Public Schools (PowerPoint, 246KB)

Plattsburgh City Schools (PowerPoint, 3MB)
-- Contract (PDF, 360KB)

St. Francis Independent School District (PowerPoint, 1.1MB)

Winston-Salem (PowerPoint, 26.9MB)