Keeping Families Informed

Keeping Families Informed

Jeremy Bond and Julia Pile discussing ParentCamp

On Monday, March 23, 2018, the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives (CFOI) participated in the ParentCamp, Informed Families Thrive Preventing the Summer Slide. Each year the Family and Community Engagement Team hosts two to three ParentCamps, a free "un-conference" that brings parents, caregivers, community leaders, educators, and children together to have conversations about how best to support students. It is an opportunity for those within school communities — parents, teachers, students, and community and faith-based representatives — to expand relationships, strengthen partnerships, share, network, and learn.

Angel Rush, of the CFOI, facilitated two sessions about opioid prevention resources and tips. Participants had the opportunity to voice their concerns about the opioid epidemic and receive resources and tips on how to help young adults avoid the use of opioids. Participants suggested that issues regarding the opioid epidemic should be televised more through commercials and proposed the need for more roundtable discussions with senior pharmaceutical industry leaders. Another focus of the discussions was the work being done in communities by faith-based and community organizations around opioids and developing resources to avoid the use of opioids.

Ms. Rush was joined by Heather Whitaker, of the Office of Educational Technology, who had been a public elementary and middle school principal as well as a teacher for 16 years. She talked about what the Department of Education is doing around the opioid crisis and the launch of its new opioid website.

Ms. Patricia Landis, of the Office of Communications and Outreach, who sat in on one of the sessions said, "I enjoyed hearing about the support and resources being provided by churches and community organizations. I have learned a lot today about the opioid crisis." After the session, Ms. Gail Avent, director of the Total Family Care Coalition, thanked Ms. Rush for facilitating the session and stated "how awesome, informative and enlightening it was."

Angel Rush facilitating the opioid session at the ParentCamp

Written by Angel Rush, Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives