Helping Rural Older Americans Thrive

USDA's Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

USDA's Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program helps seniors like Janice Potts (right) of Owingsville, KY purchase more fresh fruit and vegetables.

There are things everyone wants for their families, friends and neighbors: a safe place to live, access to good health care and healthy food. Yet as we get older, sometimes meeting basic needs can become more challenging. Next week the 2015 White House Conference on Aging will focus on the policies that impact older Americans across the country. Often, older Americans who live in rural areas are isolated, with fewer transportation options and limited access to other important services. Knowing these unique challenges is one reason USDA and other federal agencies are investing in housing, health care and nutrition programs for our country’s rural seniors.

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07/10/2015 - 1:00pm