A. Vision

A. Vision

  1. The extent to which the applicant has set forth a comprehensive and coherent reform vision that builds on its work in the four core educational assurance areas (as defined in this document) and articulates a clear and credible approach to the goal of advancing excellence and equity through personalized student and educator support.

  2. The extent to which the applicant's vision will translate into increased improved student performance and equity as demonstrated by ambitious yet achievable annual goals, overall and by student subgroup (as defined in this document), for each participating LEA, in the following areas:

    1. Performance on summative assessments (status and growth);
    2. Decreasing the achievement gaps (as defined in this document);
    3. Graduation rates (as defined in this document);
    4. College enrollment (as defined in this document) rates;
    5. Student attendance(as defined in this document); and
    6. Teacher attendance (as defined in this document).


In order to strengthen RTT to be more inclusive especially those students that are over-age and undercredited, in foster care, juvenile justice or other marginalized students:

After college- and career-ready standards insert “attention to addressing gaps in skills".