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DeVry University Cost Saving, Career Pathways, Underrepresented Students
Georgia College Learning Communities, Retention, Career Pathways
League/1199SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund Career Pathways, Employer Partnership, Learning Communities, Non-Traditional Age Students, Time to Degree, Transfer and Articulation, Underrepresented Students, Cohort Classes
Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) Developmental or Remedial Education, Degree Attainment, Career Pathways
Miami Dade College Adult Education, Career Pathways, Non-Traditional Age Students, Part-Time Students
Miami Dade College Career Pathways, Certificate Attainment, Employer Partnership, Learning Assessment
New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities (NJASCU) Career Pathways
North Carolina Community College System Basic Skills, Career Pathways, Transfer and Articulation, Developmental or Remedial Education, Modular Curriculum, Achievement Gap Closure, Mentoring, STEM
Northeast Alabama Community College Achievement Gap Closure, Career Pathways, Adult Education
Northeast Alabama Community College Degree Attainment, Career Pathways
Shirley Ware Education Center (SWEC) and the SEIU UHW-West and Joint Employer Education Fund (the Education Fund) Job Placement, Industry-Recognized Credentials, Industry-Driven Competencies, Incumbent Workers, Healthcare, Employer Partnership, Degree Attainment, Certificate Attainment, Career Pathways
St. Ambrose University Persistence, Retention, Career Pathways, Mentoring, Data Collection or Use
Virginia's Community Colleges Assessment Technology, Career Pathways, Degree Attainment, Digital Materials, Skill Assessments, Transfer and Articulation
Virginia's Community Colleges Adult Education, Career Pathways, Certificate Attainment, Cost Saving, Degree Attainment, Industry-Recognized Credentials, Job Placement, Non-Traditional Age Students
Whittier Union High School District Career Pathways, Underrepresented Students