Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Resources

Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Resources

“The investments proposed in President Biden’s new budget reflect this Administration’s deep belief in education as the foundation of all opportunity in America. It is my hope that Congress answers the President’s call for continued investments that will help schools, parents, families, and communities raise the bar in education by promoting academic excellence, accelerating learning, building safe and supportive school communities, and addressing major challenges like the educator shortage, the mental health and well-being of our students, and access to high-quality early learning programs. The President’s budget would also expand career-connected learning in our schools and provide more pathways to well-paying careers, as well as raise the bar for college affordability, inclusive student success, and driving more equitable outcomes in higher education.” ~ U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

Overview of President’s Budget

In March 2023, the Biden-Harris administration released the fiscal year 2024 budget request [PDF, 447K] for the U.S. Department of Education.

On this webpage, communities, families, educators, students, and other stakeholders will find resources connected to the President’s fiscal year 2024 budget proposal and additional details about how the Department of Education is working on their behalf.

2024 Education Budget Resources

Raise the Bar: Lead the World Strategy

Using the Department’s Raise the Bar: Lead the World initiative as a framework, this summary serves as an overview of the proposed allocations for President Biden’s fiscal year 2024 budget requests for education.

Raise the Bar framework (one-pager  [PDF, 332KB]. En Español  [PDF, 338KB])

2024 Education Budget Justifications

Congressional budget justifications on this page explain the mission of the Department of Education, outline the goals and objectives of the coming fiscal year, and provide data about the proposed budget.

State-by-State Education Impacts

This page shows how the budget proposal passed by Congressional Republicans would impact federal education funding. The page links to individual fact sheets that outline more specific details for each state.