Archived Information is a collection of multimedia resources developed and disseminated in the United Kingdom with the mission of spreading best practices in education as broadly as possible among the entire community involved in student learning – not only those who work in schools, but also parents and district leaders.

The station's programming is available through a variety of media platforms. It is broadcast via Internet all day every day and via traditional television for a few hours per day on several stations. Once a program has been broadcast, the content is archived on the site in a searchable library of downloadable videos. Links to the videos can be found on a number of other frequently used websites, including that of the Guardian newspaper and both YouTube and iTunes.

Programs ranging in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour target different members of the educational community. Of the programs for teachers, about half present techniques for teaching subject-specific concepts and half address general topics such as career development and classroom management. Some programs are special features, whereas others are regularly scheduled. For example, broadcast content in the first week of December 2009 included programs on teaching math, English, and science concepts at the primary or secondary level, a program on effective uses of assessment, a program for district leaders on special needs students, and general-audience programs on Asperger's Disorder, healthy eating, and youth and crime. seeks to show, not just tell, how and why best practices work. The regularly scheduled programs Classroom Observation and Great Lesson Ideas allow K-12 teachers to see best practice modeled by first-rate teachers in the context of actual classroom instruction. Similarly, a program on special needs students takes viewers inside schools that have been serving that population exceptionally well. identifies some of the schools and teachers to feature on the site; in addition, schools and teachers can submit suggestions for vetting by the station. Teachers can also become "associates" of the station, serving as liaisons between schools and parents and the station. The associates offer suggestions for topics and give first feedback on content.

On the web site, users can log in to a community portal where they can find and store the content most relevant for them and discuss their practices with other educators.

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