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Recommendation - 4.5

All learners will have engaging and empowering learning experiences both in and outside of school that prepare them to be active, creative, knowledgeable, and ethical participants in our globally networked society.

To meet this goal, we recommend the following action:

4.5 Recommendation: Support “meaningful use” of educational and information technology in states and districts by establishing definitions, goals, and metrics.

The Department of Education should convene education and technology experts to define meaningful use of technology in support of teaching and learning and improved operations. Building on the development of a framework and definitions for meaningful use, the Department should establish and publish goals and metrics for meaningful use. States and districts should use these goals to guide technology purchases. States and districts should consider a percent set-aside of education funds to support the cyberinfrastructure for learning. As state and local educational agencies move to a more integrated use of technology, they should connect planning for educational and information technology with the core functions of curriculum and instruction, assessment, and professional learning. States should assign responsibility for educational technology to cabinet-level individuals who will provide leadership in ensuring that the most efficient and effective purchases are made. The federal government should sustain support for technology use through E-Rate and other means to insure that under-served populations have access to technology for learning.

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