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Recommendation - 1.1

All learners will have engaging and empowering learning experiences both in and outside of school that prepare them to be active, creative, knowledgeable, and ethical participants in our globally networked society.
To meet this goal, we recommend the following action:

1.1 Recommendation: Revise, create, and adopt standards and learning objectives for all content areas that reflect 21st century expertise and the power of technology to improve learning.

Our education system relies on core sets of standards-based concepts and competencies that form the basis of what all students should learn. Standard-setting bodies for every academic domain should ensure that their standards reflect 21st century expertise recognizing the role of technology in contemporary practice. Standards should establish that in every content area students have learning experiences that exploit the power and flexibility of technology. The work of revising and disseminating standards should exploit online collaboration tools. The Department of Education should support standards development and revision efforts by connecting the various groups and organizations working on these issues. The Department also should identify and disseminate examples of standards that reflect the transformative power of technology in learning.

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