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Moving Assessment Data from the Classroom to the State

Moving Assessment Data from the Classroom to the State

West Virginia's techSteps program is an example of an assessment system coordinated across levels of the education system. TechSteps is organized around six technology integration activities per grade level. The activities are sequenced to introduce technology skills developmentally and in a 21st century context, and are largely open-ended and flexible, so they can be integrated into county and school curricula.

Each techSteps activity includes a classroom assessment rubric. After a student completes a techSteps activity, the teacher enters an assessment of his or her performance against the rubric into the techSteps web site. TechSteps uses the teacher-completed rubric form to identify the target skills demonstrated by that student and uses this information to build the student's Technology Literacy Assessment Profile.

Through techSteps, West Virginia is able to have statewide student data on technology proficiencies at each grade level without requiring a separate "drop-in-from-the-sky" technology test.

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