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Grand Challenge - 1.0

1.0: Design and validate an integrated system that provides real-time access to learning experiences tuned to the levels of difficulty and assistance that optimizes learning for all learners, and that incorporates self-improving features that enable it to become increasingly effective through interaction with learners.

Today, we have examples of systems that can recommend learning resources a person might like, learning materials with embedded tutoring functions, software that can provide UDL supports for any technology-based learning materials, and learning management systems that move individuals through sets of learning materials and keep track of their progress and activity. What we do not have is an integrated system that can perform all these functions dynamically while optimizing engagement and learning for all learners.

Such an integrated system is essential for implementing the individualized, differentiated, and personalized learning called for in this plan. Specifically, the integrated system should be able to

  • Discover appropriate learning resources
  • Configure the resources with forms of representation and expression that are appropriate for the learner’s age, language, reading ability, and prior knowledge
  • Select appropriate paths and scaffolds for moving the learner through the learning resources with the ideal level of challenge and support.

As part of the validation of this system, we need to examine how much leverage is gained by giving learners control over the pace of their learning and whether certain knowledge domains or competencies require educators to retain that control. We also need to better understand where and when we can substitute learner judgment, online peer interactivity and coaching, and technological advances such as smart tutors and avatars for the educator-led classroom model.

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