Administrator Evaluation

Administrator Evaluation

Baltimore – Baltimore is currently negotiating a new contract for administrators and hopes to mirror the historic reform shown in the teacher contract.

Denver – The district will be piloting a new principal evaluation system later this year, designed by a joint district and union design team, which will be fully aligned to the district's new teacher evaluation system.

Helena – The district is piloting the Vanderbilt Assessment for Leadership in Education (VAL-ED). The conceptual framework for VAL-ED is based on a review of the learning-centered leadership research literature and alignment to the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards.

Hillsborough County – In alignment with reforms to teacher evaluation, the district and union are initiating a "360-degree" principal evaluation system that takes into account feedback from school faculty, student growth data, and feedback from area directors. Data for the 360-degree evaluation is gathered in part through surveys completed by staff and administrators.

Montgomery County – Administrators are evaluated based on performance standards specific to their role, defined in the Administrative and Supervisory Professional Growth System. The A&S PGS operates on a three-year cycle including an evaluative year followed by two years devoted to professional development. The district supports the professional development of administrators by providing opportunities for leadership development and through support of professional learning communities specific to each administrative group. The PGS includes a Peer Assistance and Review component through which support is provided to novice or underperforming administrators.

New Haven – In alignment with reforms in teacher evaluation, the district and union are developing a principal evaluation system that is based, in part, on student learning and school performance. It also includes 360-degree feedback from teachers and other staff through annual school climate surveys.

Winston-Salem – Feedback from the expanded Governor's Working Conditions Survey are used to inform principal evaluations and to identify outstanding principals.

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Ideas From Other Districts – Collaborate with principals and other stakeholders to define multiple measures of principal performance and suitable evidence of student growth for informing principal evaluations. Create fair and transparent quality assurance measures for administrative processes (like customer service in human resources offices). Do the same for key central office administrator positions.