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Grit Report DRAFT: Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance—Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century
We face a critical need to prepare children and adolescents to thrive in the 21st century—an era of rapidly evolving technology, demanding and collaborative STEM knowledge work, changing workforce needs, economic volatility, and unacceptable achievement gaps. This report takes a close look at a core set of noncognitive factors—grit, tenacity, and perseverance—that are essential to an individual’s capacity to strive for and succeed at important goals, and to persist in the face of an array of challenges encountered throughout schooling and life.

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Evidence Framework report Expanding Evidence: Approaches for Measuring Learning in a Digital World
Our Expanding Evidence report calls for smart change by presenting educators, policymakers, and funders with an expanded view of evidence approaches and sources of data that can help them with decision-making about learning resources.
Learn more about the Expansing Evidence Project
Download the Expanding Evidence report [PDF, 1.2MB]
Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics
Big data is everywhere—even in education. Researchers and developers of online learning, intelligent tutoring systems, virtual labs, simulations, and learning management systems are exploring ways to better understand and use learning analytics to improve teaching and learning.
Download the Learning Analytics report [PDF, 1.1MB]
DRAFT Connected Educator Month Report: Learning With Connected and Inspired Educators
August 2012 was the first-ever Connected Educator Month, a celebration of online communities of practice and networks in education. This report highlights results and insights from Connected Educator Month and offers recommendations for connecting and inspiring more educators in powerful and engaging online interactions.
Download the Connected Educator Month report [PDF, 1.3MB]

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