Learning Registry

The Learning Registry project launched November 7 2011 at the State Educational Technology Directors Association Leadership Summit. Presentations were made by Secretary Duncan, U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra, and Laura Junor, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness. The Learning Registry is a new way to identify and find educational resources online. Content creators, teachers, or everyday Internet browsers can add content to the registry, tagging it according to quality, keyword, and/or alignment to common core standards. As this information is collected, the most effective resources on particular topics bubble to the top, allowing teachers to find effective course supplements (or even entire courses) with minimal time and effort. The Learning Registry supports educator voices helping define which resources are most relevant or useful.

The recent Datapalooza event featured presentations on the Learning Registry by the Utah Education Network and OET Deputy Director Richard Culatta.  To learn more about the project, visit LearningRegistry.org

The Learning Registry is a protocol, not a single website, allowing individual institutions and entrepreneurs to interact with and expand upon it as they see fit. This ensures that industry players will work collaboratively with Learning Registry content instead of attempting to create a competitive and redundant landscape of educational resource directories. Still in its infancy, teachers can currently post resources via a Google Chrome bookmark or explore the available resources with one of the available browsers. Because the Learning Registry infrastructure is open source, anyone can push new content, display its content, and/or build additional tools on top it, creating an entire ecosystem of applications focused on creating and surfacing the very best in educational resources for every learner.

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