(D)(3) Partnering with postsecondary institutions and other professional development providers in developing effective Early Childhood Educators

The extent to which the State has a High-Quality Plan to meet ambitious yet achievable annual targets for increasing the number of postsecondary institutions and other professional development providers that have aligned their programs with the State's Workforce Knowledge and Competencies and progression of credentials, and the number of Early Childhood Educators that these institutions credential annually.


This work is essential on its own, but made even more critical by the predictable aging and retirement of the current post-secondary education faculty. It has been said that, at least in some states, there is no emergent next group of higher education professionals to fill these emptying seats. A successful application should be expected to address this challenge.

Dr. J.M. Gruendel, CT

I couldn't agree more. I am having difficulty finding adjuncts with sufficient early childhood ed graduate credits to teach for my program. This also ties into the question of compensation for those in early childhood ed. at all levels. I know that Head Start experiences the problem of retnetion, once thier teachers have acquired a 4-year- and sometimes only a 2-year-degree, they leave for better pay iin the public school system.