Youth Innovation and Action Proposal

Youth Innovation and Action Proposal

Application Deadline: Closed


"Youth Innovation and Action" (YIA) is an opportunity for youth to share their best and brightest ideas on meeting the President's 2020 College Completion Goal with youth, partner organizations, and policymakers from across the country. During the summit youth will lead workshops on campaigns they are currently engaged in to increase college access and completion. Each 45-minute workshop will include 30 to 40 youth and should be interactive and multimedia in format. In order to be selected as a presenter you must submit a proposal that outlines your efforts.

Workshop Proposal

You may submit a proposal in one of two ways: a) Two-three page written proposal; or b) 2 minute video that addresses the following:

WHO YOU ARE: Name, School, Contact Information, and Youth Organization (if applicable)
PROBLEM: Describe the problem you are addressing.
SOLUTION: State the youth driven solution to address the problem. State your reasons on how your solution will get America closer to meeting the college completion goal.
STRATEGY Describe the action steps to address the issue.
MILESTONES: Describe the milestones that will determine whether you are successful or not.
PRESENTATION: Describe or demonstrate how your workshop will be interactive.

How You Will Be Scored

  • Your proposal must articulate how it is a youth driven project

  • Your proposal must articulate how well your solution advances the President's 2020 goal

  • Your proposal must clearly state how its success will be measured


  • All proposals must be received by February 4th, 2011 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Please submit your proposal via email to

  • Department will notify which presentations were selected on February 10th, 2011.