Promising and Practical Strategies to Increase Postsecondary Success RSS

In January 2012, the Secretary of Education invited submissions about promising and practical strategies, practices, programs, and activities that have improved rates of postsecondary success, transfer, and graduation. In September 2012, the Department of Education (ED) invited a second round of submissions, which added to this growing compendium of knowledge about promising practices. On this page, you can find the submissions from institutions and organizations that responded to both of these invitations. ED hopes that this information will be of interest to others in situations similar to those described in these submissions.

As noted in the Request for Information, ED will continue to review and post additional responses on a regular basis. Please refer back to this page for announcements of future submission deadlines. See the Federal Register notice for information on how to submit.

Organization Name Tags
Trinity Washington University Basic Skills, Developmental or Remedial Education, STEM
Trinity Washington University Advising, Retention, Underrepresented Students
Trinity Washington University Retention, Persistence, Learning Communities, Improving Achievement
Trinity Washington University Underrepresented Students, Technology-Enabled Learning, Learning Assessment, Developmental Education, Competency-Based Learning, Achievement Gap Closure, Accelerated Learning
Trinity Washington University Achievement Gap Closure, Developmental Education, Learning Assessment, Persistence, Retention, Underrepresented Students
Truckee Meadows Community College Degree Attainment, Developmental or Remedial Education, Mentoring, Persistence, Retention, Student Services, Time to Degree, Underrepresented Students
University at Buffalo Student Services
University of Alaska Anchorage STEM
University of Arizona Community of Practice, Improving Achievement, Learning Assessment, Persistence, Retention, Skill Assessments, Student Services
University of Delaware Technology-Enabled Learning, Real-Time Online Interactions, Online Teaching and Learning, Learning Communities
University of Detroit Mercy Modular Curriculum, Persistence, Retention, STEM
University of Georgia Time to Degree, Learning Assessment, Data Collection or Use
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Underrepresented Students, Skill Assessments, Retention, Persistence, Mentoring, Civil Engagement
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Underrepresented Students, STEM, Improving Achievement, Data Collection or Use, Civic or Community Engagement
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Achievement Gap Closure, Community of Practice, Learning Communities, Multidisciplinarity, Persistence, Retention, Technology-Enabled Learning, Underrepresented Students
University of Nevada, Reno Underrepresented Students, Student Services, Retention, Persistence, Degree Attainment, Achievement Gap Closure
University of South Florida Degree Attainment, Student Services, Learning Communities, Multidisciplinarity, Persistence, Retention, Technology-Enabled Learning, Underrepresented Students
University of Texas at El Paso STEM, Retention, Degree Attainment
University of West Alabama STEM
University of Wisconsin - Stout Basic Skills, Achievement Gap Closure, Blended Learning