College Affordability and Completion

College Affordability Initiative

In August, President Obama outlined an ambitious new agenda to combat rising college costs. The President's plan includes three parts: paying for performance; promoting innovation and competition; and ensuring that student debt remains affordable. Click on the links below for more information.

Building Momentum: Education Leaders Convene at the White House to Help Address the Developmental Education Challenge (August 26)
Higher education leaders met at the White House to build on the momentum generated at January’s College Opportunity Summit and focus on addressing a key barrier to postsecondary completion.
The First Lady on the Power of Education (November 13)
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ED Announces First Open Forum on the Administration’s College Value and Affordability Plans (October 25)
In August 2013, President Barack Obama announced the Administration’s plans and proposals for combating rising college costs and making college affordable for American families.  The President’s plan...
Duncan Speaks on Vitality of Historically Black Colleges (September 27)
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBC
Making College Affordable for Every American (August 22)
I’m thrilled today that President Obama is moving forward with an ambitious new plan to make college more affordable for every American. We know that higher education is more important than ever, but...