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Competitive Preference Priority--Cradle-to-Career Results, Resource Alignment, and Integrated Services

An applicant receives points under this priority based on the extent to which it integrates public and private resources to augment the schools' core resources by providing additional student and family supports, such as addressing the social-emotional, behavioral, and other needs of the participating students (as defined in this document), giving highest priority to those students in high-need

F. Optional Budget Supplement

An eligible applicant may apply for additional funding (beyond the applicable maximum level provided in the table below (under Program Requirements) and up to a maximum of $ 2 million) to address a specific area that is supplemental to the applicant's plan for addressing Absolute Priority 1.

3) Policy and Infrastructure

3) Policy and Infrastructure. Comprehensive policies and infrastructure for learning that provide every student, educator, and level of the education system (e.g., classroom, school, and LEA) with the support and resources they need, when and where they are needed, including:

2) Teaching

2) Teaching. An approach to teaching that empowers educators to improve instruction and increase effectiveness at supporting student progress toward meeting college- and career-ready graduation requirements (as defined in this document) by enabling the full implementation of personalized teaching and learning for all students.

1) Learning

1) Learning: An approach to learning that engages and empowers all learners, in particular high-needs students, in an age appropriate manner, through the use of high-quality content aligned with college- and career-ready standards (as defined in this document), frequently updated data about individual student progress, and intervention support options.

C. Preparing Students for College and Careers

The extent to which the applicant has a high-quality plan for improving teaching and learning by personalizing the learning environment(s) to enable all students to graduate college- and career-ready.

B. District Capacity and Success Factors

Reform Conditions.
The extent to which each LEA has demonstrated evidence of—

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