Labor-Management Collaboration
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Transfer, Assignment, and Reduction in Force

Baltimore – The contract places a high priority on shared agreement between teacher and principal for all transfers—voluntary and involuntary. Forced placement is possible but it is not the district's current practice, which emphasizes mutual consent.

School Board Evaluation

ABC Unified – The district conducts an evaluation of progress on the strategic plan annually. The superintendent's evaluation by the board of education is also tied to progress on the strategic plan.

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Administrator Evaluation

Baltimore – Baltimore is currently negotiating a new contract for administrators and hopes to mirror the historic reform shown in the teacher contract.

Teacher Evaluation

ABC Unified – The evaluation document for teachers was developed jointly by the teachers and administrators. The Peer Assistance Support System (PASS) is available to struggling teachers and to teachers who request additional support and coaching.

School Design, Schedules, Teacher Workload, and Time

Baltimore – The district and union are piloting a program where schools can modify school working conditions – for example, extend their school day and year – provided there is support from 80 percent of the school staff. Teachers will be compensated for additional hours. The pilot will be expanded to all schools in the 2011-12 school year.

Supporting the Growth and Improvement of Teachers and Leaders

ABC Unified – The Annual PAL (Partnership between Administrators and Labor) Retreat is created jointly by teachers and administrators to provide a shared professional development opportunity. The focus of the retreat is raising student achievement in the district.

Clear and Shared Responsibility for Academic Outcomes of All Students

ABC Unified – The district has a Charter Agreement that promotes the partnership between labor and management. The goals of the partnership are to work collaboratively in improving student achievement and to enhance the teaching and working environment for teachers, staff, and administrators.

Strategic Direction-Setting

ABC Unified – The district's strategic plan consists of five major directions that are evaluated each year by the community – including teachers, administrators, parents, students, and the board of education. The strategic plan focuses on the involvement of all stakeholders in raising student achievement.

Principles in Action

Following are 10 key areas of challenge and opportunity in implementing student-centered principles. For each, we highlight some of the approaches taken by our district presenters.

A New Compact for Student Success: The Principles of Student-Centered Labor-Management Relationships

Statement of Purpose

Successful labor-management relations in public education should enable school boards, district administrators, principals, and teachers – each in their own roles – to design and enact policies that optimize the academic success of their students.

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