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Software and services that can be delivered from the cloud

Figure 3 illustrates the comprehensive nature of integrated software services needed for 21st century learning experiences and that can be delivered from the cloud.

Figure 3: Framework for software services in a technology-empowered learning environment

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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are an important element of an infrastructure for learning. OER come in forms ranging from podcasts to digital libraries to textbooks, games, and courses. They are freely available to anyone over the web.

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Infrastructure: People, Processes, and Technologies for Learning

Goal: All students and educators will have access to a comprehensive infrastructure for learning when and where they need it.

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The Role of Connected Teaching in Reaching All Learners

The model of 21st century learning described in this plan depends on effective teaching to provide all learners with equitable access to inspiring and engaging learning experiences.

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Career-long personal learning networks

A transformative idea in the preparation and professional learning of educators and education leaders is to leverage technology to create career-long personal learning networks within and across schools, pre-service preparation and in-service educational institutions, and professional organizations.

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Connecting with other professionals

More than two decades of teacher research demonstrate the importance of collaboration among teachers. When teachers make their work public and examine each others' work, the quality of their practice and student outcomes improve (Lieberman & Pointer Mace, 2010).

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