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Learning Powered by Technology

Building on the report of a technical working group of leading researchers and practitioners and on input received from many respected education leaders and the public, this National Education Technology Plan tackles this and other important questions.

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Drivers of Change

The Department of Education’s decisions and actions – and those of the entire education system and its stakeholders throughout the United States – must be guided by the world we live in, which demands that we think differently about education.

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Transforming American Education: An Urgent Priority

Under the Obama administration, education has become an urgent priority driven by two clear goals set by the President:

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Goals and Recommendations

The NETP presents five goals with recommendations for states, districts, the federal government, and other stakeholders in our education system that address learning, assessment, teaching, infrastructure, and productivity. The plan also identifies far-reaching grand challenge problems that should be funded and coordinated at a national level.

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Executive Summary

Education is the key to America’s economic growth and prosperity and to our ability to compete in the global economy. It is the path to good jobs and higher earning power for Americans. It is necessary for our democracy to work. It fosters the cross-border, cross-cultural collaboration required to solve the most challenging problems of our time.

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