1. I am going back to school and need grants to help pay for it. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreicated

  2. When I first started out, I had drop out of school because, I had two young children. I got a job as a nursing assistant. that just didn’t fulfill my growing family. So, I was determine to go back to school. I study and receive my GED. Little did I know that Forest Park community college, was consuming my funding with in the four years that I attended there. and now as a result, I can never get a Pell Grant as long as I live. After I injured myself at work, I needed surgery so I had it. Not knowing that later on I would not be able to complete my education anymore. after I recovered from my surgery. I finally decided to go back to school.This over whelm me when my financial adviser at school told me that I had to pull out of my class because, I was ban from receiving Pell Grants for life. I really felt like my stomach just drop. Everyday I have been on my computer trying to find grants,loans and scholarships in order to finish my program. since the today this happen to me “Tuesday 14 2012″ I do understand that this is a regulation from the government.However, the question is to not only me but, the other students that don’t have a clue about what is going on I wonder how will that affect them?

    • Im going through the same issue,. I actually completed my financial aid information back in March my award letter was signed and complete. I hapened to check my school accpunt to find out i was only disbursed 666 out of my awarded ant. as confused and upset , i couldnt understand houw you can give someone something have this person register for couses and then decide to take their funds . Thats whats so

  3. How will this affect college research programs or even more importantly their football programs?

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