ED Working to Resolve Problems with Direct Loan Website

Updated Jan. 5, 4:00 PM ET: The Department’s new Direct Loan Servicing website can be accessed 24 hours a day at www.myedaccount.com.

To help borrowers who are experiencing technical issues when accessing the new website, the Direct Loan Servicing Center has set up a technical assistance call center.  The technical assistance call center will handle inquiries relating to new web account set ups, password resets, and other general questions about getting logged into Manage My Account (MMA) feature of the website.  This special technical assistance call center, 1-888-809-2452, is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Borrowers with any other questions about their Direct Loan account should call the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s main line at 1-800-848-0979. The Direct Loan Servicing Center is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate borrowers’ patience during the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s transition.  Please be assured that no borrower impacted by access issues experienced during the transition will be penalized for late payments or lose any benefits to which they are entitled. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       I’m having trouble accessing the website and call center.  What’s going on?

The Direct Loan Servicing Center is in the process of transitioning to a new website, www.myedaccount.com.  As a result of the transition, some student loan borrowers were having trouble accessing the site or experiencing extended wait times.  We are aware of these issues and are working to address them.  We will keep you updated as more information becomes available and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2.       What if I need to make a payment?

Borrowers may choose to mail in their payment or wait until the website is functional to make an online payment.  We understand that this issue has been an inconvenience for our borrowers. We will ensure that no borrower loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address: 
United States Department of Education 
PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

3.       Will my payment be considered late?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

4.       Will I lose any benefits as a result of this issue?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

5.       If I make payments through electronic debit, will my payment be impacted?

Borrowers enrolled in electronic debit do not need to take any action. However, borrowers with an October 7, 2011 debit date may have noticed a slight delay in the drafting of the payment from their bank accounts.  Despite the drafting delay, the effective date of each borrower’s payment will be October 7, 2011.

6.       Should I send my payment in via mail?

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address:
 United States Department of Education
 PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

7.       Is the new website, www.myedaccount.com, compatible with all browsers?

 The website is compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0 (and higher), Firefox 3.0 (and higher), Chrome and Safari.

 8.      If I had an account on the old Direct Loan Servicing Center website, will it transfer over to the new site or do I need to create a new account? 

You must register for a new account at the new Direct Loan Servicing center website, www.myedaccount.com to access your account information.  You will no longer use your Federal Student Aid PIN to access information about your loans.

9.        I don’t think I’m receiving e-mails from the new Direct Loan Servicing Center.  What should I do?

The first thing to do is update your e-mail address book.  You may want to add the two e‑mail addresses the Direct Loan Servicing Center will use to communicate electronically with you. The two addresses are dlsc@myedaccount.com and onlinenotice@directloanservicingcenter.org. Doing this will prevent the servicer’s e-mails from being blocked and ending up in a quarantine, spam, junk, or trash folder.

If after adding both addresses to your e-mail address book you are still not receiving e-mails, contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center for assistance.

10.     My account is showing past due, but I am enrolled in electronic debit.  Do I need to send in a payment?

 If you are repaying your loan using electronic debit (the Kwikpay option), the Direct Loan Servicing Center will now debit your bank account on the first business day following your due date.  The Direct Loan Servicing Center will apply the payment to your Direct Loan account with an effective date that is the same as your payment due date.  If you access your account via the website or on our automated voice response system before both the bank account debit and the Direct Loan account payment application occur, your account may appear to be past due.   However, your status will be updated to current as soon as the payment application occurs and will not reflect negatively on your account.   It is not necessary to re-submit or mail another payment.

11.      I received a billing statement from the Direct Loan Servicing Center, but I have electronic debit set up.  Do I need to send in a payment?

No, if you are enrolled in electronic debit, you do not need to send a payment.  Your electronic payment will be applied as scheduled.

 12.    My payment history is no longer available online.  How can I get a copy of my payment history?

Payment history before October 1, 2011, is not available on www.myedaccount.com.  However, you may request that a copy of your payment history be sent to you via U.S. mail.  In order to request your payment history, please contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center at 1-800-848-0979 or send an email using the ‘contact us’ link found on the homepage of the website.


  1. After requesting the form I need to begin repaying my loans (twice) over the phone, I’ve been waiting for nearly a month to receive it. They tell me it’s not possible to email me the form and it’s apparently not possible to get forms off the new website. I’ve been told they’re taking about six months to process our forms. I hear my interest rates ticking up and my retirement date slipping even further into the future ….

  2. How do you even find your 1098E on this new site???

    I get rerouted to nlsds.ed.gov and i can see my loan, but cannot find where to print my 1098…or find it at all.

    SO frustrating.

  3. I handle the payments for our direct loans for myself and my husband. we don’t use kwik-pay so i actually go online to make the payment only to find that they duplicated the loans my husband has. The site actually shows the 3 loans he has twice and so no the payment due is a lot more than it should be. The loan center won’t speak to me because of confidentiality and my husband has called at least 12 times to try to get a hold of a rep to get this corrected. He continously gets an automated response that says there are too many calls and to try to callback another time and then disconnected. I have even sent an e-mail to see if that would get us some help–got an automated reply they received it and haven’t gotten an e-mail back since. After reading all these e-mails about so many problems I thnk Emily has got it right–a class action suit should be our next step to getting this brought to the limelight. This is absolutely atrocious!

  4. ASC is doing a terrible job managing these accounts. KWIK-PAY is a joke, and today,
    my account was debited twice, and I am now overdrawn. ASC tried to tell me that I had not made a payment at all, and they are trying to make my account appear delinquent. The old web-site showed pending payments, as well as payment history and now, none of that information is available. The customer service line disconnects you more often than not, and wait times can exceed 20 minutes. Please bring back the old servicer.

  5. I pay my loans out of a pay bill system through my bank. All payments have been sent on time and are being taken out of my account. My statement is showing a past due amount. I called because it was incorrect and wanted to know why my statement had the past due fee. I got no one on the phone and have no clue if this company is logging my payments correctly. Also when I checked online the balance is totally different than the paper statement.

    I know a company that I work with that does class action lawsuits. I am ready to start inquiring. —emily

  6. This is what I have found out.

    “Borrower Fact Sheet: Federally-owned student loan accounts serviced by the Direct Loan Servicing Center now being serviced by MOHELA.”

    Additional information & contact numbers listed on this link.

    I never received any notification that my Direct Student Loan was now being serviced by MOHELA:-( I am not satisfied at all with how this transition was handled & still is being handled. I wil pay the reminder of my loan off this year & will keep meticulous records of every payment that I mail by check.

  7. I just got notification my loan is now being serviced by Mohela.

    I do not and have not agreed to this. My contract and my servicing provider contract is with the Direct Loan division of the Department of Education. I have never signed anything nor given my consent to have anyone other than the Direct Loan department. I am going to be contacting the Department of Education and notifying them I do not consent to this. I’ve dealt with third party groups before and in every case the servicing partner fails to provide service.

    From my perspective, anyone who says “Now you’ll pay this person instead” without my acceptance or previous notification is in breach of contract, and I will not work with Mohela without a contractual agreement between me and the “service partner”. I pay the Department of Education, because that’s who my loan is through. I will NOT pay anyone else.

    Department of Education, please pay attention – this is an unacceptable situation and in any other circumstance could constitute both breach of contract and fraud.

    • You know you don’t have a choice in this, right? You don’t get a say in whom your loan gets sold to. Stop paying it at your own peril.

  8. FWIW, here’s what I did that worked – hope it’s helpful. Once you get through, immediately ask to speak to a supervisor and tell the supervisor that if the problem is not resolved within 24 hours, you will contact your congressional representative’s and/or senators’ constituency services department(s). My problem (I paid off my loan in full 2 1/2 months ago using the website, my balance showed zero, but they never took out my payment from my account, so suddenly the website showed that I was past due on my payments and my full balance was back on my account, so then I called and they said to mail in a check, then they cashed that check and withdrew the funds from my bank account, but never applied my payment which then showed 47 days past due – sounds like pretty standard stuff on this thread…) was resolved in less than 2 hours. I kept a running list of all of the people I had talked to, dates of correspondence, dates of payment, etc. I was very firm, but respectful with the supervisor, and the problem was handled to my satisfaction immediately. The good news is that they didn’t charge me interest and the supervisor personally called me back when the problem was solved to apologize and to let me know that everything was fixed. Her name was Charmane (sp?) and she was extremely helpful and courteous. If you can, ask for her. Good luck to all of you. I wonder if I’ll ever get the certificate showing that I paid off my loans? Whatever, I’m square with the house ya’ll and I have a screen shot to prove it! I’m keeping my file of correspondence for the remainder of my life though, I’ll tell you that much…

    • my husband & i tried that–spoke to the supvsr told her we wanted this resolved or we were contacting our house rep & senator –we were on with her for about 45min and she finally said she’d escalate the issue to the website coordinator and we’d hear back by this past monday at the latest. it’s thursday and we haven’t heard a thing AND now the website is not only NOT corrected it is now showing March as the next due date of payment –and we haven’t made February’s payment yet. It has skipped from January to March. I’m getting as much documentation together and I am contacting my rep & senator to see if there is any recourse.

  9. I just got off phone with Moehle or whatever their name is. They do not participate in the public service forgiveness program so they said I should call the department of education and see what my options are? We have 3 years towards the 120 onetime payments needed. Am I crazy it looks like they pulled a bait and switch…

    • call tomorrow, ask about keeping track of your PSLF payments and employment dates. ask if one of the other servicing companies offers a public service form that you can fill out to keep track of these things. Trust me.

  10. I started paying my wife’s student loan out of my checking account rather than my wife’s checking account in September. Unfortunately, we got double-charged that month. After speaking with them on atleast 5 different occasions, we finally got word that they will refund us one of the payments. Well, that was five months ago and we haven’t seen a penny. After reading all of these comments, I’m not optimistic.

    • Matt, I know the feeling. I have a couple of loans for grad school and a few for my both of my kids’ college education. They were all supposed to be on deferrment. Back in SEPTEMBER, DLS/DOE debited $751 from my checking account because the loans had gone into repayment. I immediately called and had the loans placed, as they should have been, on deferrment/forebearance. I was told they requested a refund but that wasn’t guaranteed to be approved. It was approved several weeks later but I never received the check. I was then told they’d put a “tracer” on the check. Then, in December, DLS/DOE took another $390 or so because…get this…my son changed schools and no longer needed us to take a PLUS loan and as such DLS/DOE assumed he was no longer in school. Requested they cease that payment and requested a refund. Also approved, but still no check. Each time I call, I’m told it’s going to be another 4-6 weeks. I may just go to my Representative, but I doubt that’ll help.

      I get the impression that the US government is floating my $1,100.

    • Hi, Matt, sorry to hear about your problems. From my experience, when I was charged 3 times for the same payment, first they said it was my bank’s fault, and when my bank said it was they’re problem and I called back to check again, they said it was my fault. No explanations, no apologies. You’re right not to be optimistic with the new service, but I hope we are both proven wrong.

  11. So…my two loans have been in deferrment and I got a call from 800-848-0981…the guy asked .me why I had not made payments for the last 3 months..I told him I was not even scheduled for a payment plan yet on either loan. Then he said “either?” He said it is just one loan of an amount $8700 .. and he would fix the three months but I had to pay the interest. He said I will start to get messages in my email and payments will start on the 14 of FEB. He asked for my SS# first thing…and I wasn’t comfortable with any of it..how can we KNOW that this is secure and correct?

        • i am so ready—both my husband and I have had it with them. our payment is due and it increased by $80 when it shouldn’t have and they duplicated my husband’s loans on the website. can’t get thru on the phone or e-mail. What is going on?

          • we tried calling again twice last night and was disconnected and i don’t believe by accident–we’ll try calling again this evening, but if we don’t get our issue resolved i’m taking Heath’s (1-30-12) advice and contact my rep & senator and fill them in. I’ll also inquire as to how to begin a class action lawsuit. This is way out of control!!

  12. Can never get past the security questions after I choose the three I want to use when I tried to register my account. Bring back the old dl.ed.gov site. myedaccount is a pain in myneck.

  13. The website and the whole system since they made a change is a NIGHTMARE! Nothing is straight forward! Even the billing statements they send are confusing and never gets to me on time or if it does it’s usually a couple of days before the bill is due. How the hell do you expect people to pay on time?!? Switch back to how it was because this new system is a joke.

  14. What is going on with the pdf access on this new stupid website? I keep getting a damaged file error message. I don’t care about my statements, but I need my 1098-E to get my taxes done and hang on to my apartment.

    • Let me know if you find anything out about this–I’m in the same boat. I need it for my taxes, too, and when I call the technical assistance number, there’s a message saying to call back later because they have a higher than normal call volume.

      • I spoke to them today regarding the 1098 form and was informed that the system is down and they will not have the forms mailed out for, “a couple weeks or so.”. When I told them this was unacceptable due to the fact that our taxes couldn’t be filed until we received this form they weren’t very sympathetic. When I asked if legally the form was supposed to be sent out by January 31st they stated that there was nothing they could do due to the system being down. This is beyond frustrating! Legally speaking they can not send these forms out and could be penalized…

  15. Update – I finally kept trying to login until I was locked out. The the after 10+ redials to the tech line, I finally got through and they sent an email to reset my password. Once I got that, I got my payoff amount and wrote out that check and sent via snail mail. It will be a relief not to have to deal with this again – hopefully!

    The folks on the other end of the line must have the worst job in the world.
    Why isn’t there any explanation/reply to the posters about what is planned and the timing for implementation. The DoEd communication regarding the inferior level of service, lack of an explanation, or an apology is unfathomable.

    The only suggestion that MAY have some impact is to contact your local representative and senator to describe your experience.

  16. When I called in to see why I couldn’t log in, the rep asked for my SSN. I totally did not feel comfortable giving that info out over the phone. All she needed to say was that I needed to sign up for a new account. Better yet, the email that I got from DL should have told me that and saved me some time. Incompetence…

  17. Is it possible that they just transferred a large number of loans to a new servicer-Mohela-without bothering to notify anyone? Has anyone that got a zero balance on 1/19 received any kind of correspondence from either the Dept of Ed or Mohela on this?

    • I got a zero balance on 1/19 but absolutely no correspondence. I just happened to see it because I was getting my tax information a few days ago. I emailed them but have not received a reply yet. I called first, but the call would not connect; I got a recorded message that said something like “phones are not available at this time”.

    • Same thing, zero balance with no correspondence on 01/19. Keep telling myself some Good Samaritan decided to pay it off for me.

    • I have the same issue, loan balance all of a sudden shows zero and status is transferred. I called the Direct Loan 800 number today and the automated service tells me my loan is now serviced by MOHELA. I received no prior correspondence regarding this change.

    • I check online when I want to pay my bill b/c my paper statement arrives too close to the due date each month, and it said my loan was transferred on 1/19 with no explanation whatsoever. I called the Direct Loan 1-800 and the automated message said my loans are being serviced by MOHELA. I then set up an online account for MOHELA but also called them – the rep told me they don’t have my loan info yet but should have it by mid-next week (so about 3 business days before my due date) and will then send me a welcome letter and statement (when will that arrive? Two weeks after my payment was due?)… so then I get my usual statement from Direct Loan the next day saying I owe them my usual amt. VERY CONFUSING! I called Direct Loan THREE TIMES – the first two times it hung up on me. When I finally get through it says the wait time is 10 minutes. So I wait 16 min before someone finally answers. They told me the Direct statement was printed and mailed before the transfer took place. First, why does it take 10 days for my statement to arrive and second, didn’t ANYONE know my loan was to be transferred? I asked why I didn’t get any advanced notice this would happen but the guy said “it’s up to the government”. So I asked for a phone number where I can ask why I wasn’t notified in advance and he doesn’t have one – just gave me a PO Box I can write a letter to. I think it’s ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS these loans are being transferred to MOHELA w/o any prior notice or explanation. How is my payment supposed to get there on time since MOHELA doesn’t have my loan info yet and Direct Loan (I asked) doesn’t know if my payment will be the same w/ MOHELA (so I can’t just send payment to MOHELA prior to receiving their statement). Someone from the DoE needs to get with the program and tell us WHAT they are doing and WHEN they are doing it.

      • Great! I have been joking all day that I don’t owe any money and that my payoff amount is 1 cent but from reading these comments I realize that I’m in for a fun time trying to figure this out. I also tried calling and emailing and received no reply…

    • Yeah this is CRAZY! I just got a statement today saying my loans are now being taken over by MOHELA. How am I supposed to know this, it could have been a scam. I logged in to DL to see if it had any information. None. This is so frustrating, first they change over a whole new site. Now our information is changed to a new holder, and there was NO notice.

    • Same here.. I finally got someone on the line at direct loans after 50 minutes of waiting… NO NOTIFICATION at all on why suddenly a 0 balance. Also they told me that the communication should/would have come from MOHELA, which is stupid, because who knows who they are? The communication SHOULD come from the loan provider that you are already dealing with so that you actually open the correspondence.. why would I look at something from MOHELA??

      I thought the same thing Katie.. “good samaritan paid it off”.. what are the chances? ;)

  18. I have scheduled my payment month after month without any problem for years on the old site. Once they switched to this new account, it has been hell every month since. I have only gotten 1 payment to go through this whole time October to today, and it had to be for $600 right after Christmas!!!! I go online each month, log into all of the unnecessary nonsense prompts (who is honestly going to log in and pay my student loans?!!) and then schedule the payment (EVERY MONTH!!) and it even puts the payment in the history area showing that it is scheduled and ready to go, and then when I log in a week later it’s gone and never processed!!!


  19. This switch should have never happened if the beta version was not working correctly…. now no one in there right mind would trust this new site (which is an intermediary among us). We need to be spending our time working to get out of debt, not having to crunch #s and do the job of whom were in debt to! Who ever ok’d this catalyst to borrower’s misery should be let go, and then please hire me. I am motivated to become an expert at anything to exceed requirements in doing something better than before while proving a point.

  20. Does anyone know if the myedaccount.com website is working yet? I have been missing many account statements and monthly remittance slips in the postal mail and am worried about what’s going on here.

    Should we wait to register on the website until all of the problems are fixed or can we go ahead now? Thanks. — Doug

  21. Why did the old http://www.dl.ed.gov change to this terrible site? I’ve used and paid my loans via the old site for years with no problems then this switch and nothing but problems – unbelievable! This is a text book example of a Government change that really impacts people and was not necessary. Furthermore the fact that there is no payment history available is unconscionable. There are many people on the IBR payment plan who taking advantage of the 10 year public service cancellation option and who rely on that payment history data being accurate and accessible. The fact the information on your own payment history is not available is outrageous! I’m sorry but this change is terrible and should be immediately reversed or fixed. Also why does the page header say ACS – this is a Department of Education Federal Ford loan – why is ACS involved. Horrible Horrible!

  22. now i can’t log in…it asks a security ? that I never gave an answer to previously, so of course the answer is wrong. and it won’t get off that question. stupid website. i’m just gonna mail the payment in. It’ll be great when we get gov’t healthcare won’t it?

  23. After numerous phone calls to customer service and payments that were not being applied to my loan principle (but were deducted from my checking account) I have washed my hands of this nonsense and walked away from it. I just don’t care anymore.

    I suspect there will be a rather large class-action lawsuit against this company in the near future…

    • I am experiencing the same thing and Believe that my 1098E interest is in accurate!!!! How can we file our taxes??!!!

      • Ever since this new site became live, it has been a nightmare. I sind up for that crappy kwikpay option. I was told by one of the incompetant employees that this caused my account to go into some kind of deferral status because it took forever to set up. My payments on the history are much less than I have paid. Another employee said part of my payment went to “cancel’ a loan that was not yet due. I asked why the payments weren’t going to my interest and pricipal but got no good explanation. Now I see that my due dates are all advanced and tiny payment amounts are due in the future. I don’t understand what they are doing but they need to fix this quick. I also keep getting new payment notices in my message section.

  24. This new site has to be the worst. It has yet to successfully credit may account correctly. First when the new transistion took place back in October, my kwikpay didn’t transfer from the old site to the new, so I made a payment manually online and setup kwikpay. By doing this it debted my checking account twice. Then the site indicated that my next payment would be due in January. Checked the site a few days ago and it now says I’m past due one payment. Contacted a rep and they told me I missed my December payment. How can this be if I’m set up with kwikpay? The rep said it was a system error and I should use the “pay now” button on the site, which I did. As of today I see the payment has cleared my bank, but my account still shows past due! They need to get this fix, it amost as if they are *trying* to make us past due, I mean they’ve already made it to where our payment is a day late each month with the way their system deducts with kwikpay.

    • I can’t login, even though I registered last week! I have called every phone number they list and they state they cannot answer my call or they are too busy with calls to answer the phone. And all I want is the pay-off amount. Only the Federal Government Agency would make it impossible to pay of the loan early.

      This is a lesson to everyone who thinks that the Federal Government can do things better than local or state government. You are a number. Even when you want to get them off of your back by paying off a loan, they can’t seem to answer the phone, get the website right, etc.

      Of course, if you ever talk to a Fed, they’ll just blame it on the contractor. Oh, they hired them and are responsible for the outcome. Again, no accountability to anyone. The only person lower than the taxpayer on their list is their “customer”. I live in the DC area – maybe a visit to the building may help. (That’s a joke folks – you won’t even get near the door without an DOEd ID)

      • After 10+ redials – got through and told them I had logon issues. Said my account wasn’t locked and to keep trying. Then I told them I wanted payoff amounts. They said they don’t have that info and immediately terminated the call.

      • This is typical of this so called department of education. I went to make my payment and the balance was zero. After MANY CALLS I found out that they dumped my account onto another servicer (Government has no problem wasting our money) a company I have NEVER heard of. NO ONE told me that they were doing this. Now I am stuck with a company I know NOTHING about and could very well be a scam. The dept of edu has their heads up their kiesters and dont give a rats ass about students that want to pay their loans. For this they get a BIG FAT F

        • I recently logged in and found a zero balance in my account with a payment named “other” to clear out my balance. I heard nothing about this either. What company have they transferred yours to, Cheryl? Maybe that’s where mine went…

        • So…did all our loans get sold then. Has anyone heard a word? I went to pay my bill and it won’t let me and says i have a zero balance as well. I don’t want to just wait on some random company to say they have my loan. I thought by law they had to contact us that they were selling our accounts and give us the new owners info.

  25. I don’t understand how these people can be so incompetent. I made a payment on my account in the amount of $5,580. This should have reduced my amount due to $4,800. When I noticed they distributed the payment evenly across all loans I asked to have it pay off the higher interest loans first (that was my original intent otherwise I would have used the money elsewhere). Anyway, they say ok and give me the typical “This will take 6-8 weeks”. So I log into my account several weeks later and my balance shot up to $5,800. Someone messed up. I call and they say $1000 was marked as a refund. I said no, I don’t want it refunded; please apply it to my account. They put in a request to have the $1,000 made as a payment and tell me to check back in 6-8 weeks. I decided to log into my account a few weeks later just to see what’s going on and my amount due goes up to $8,500!!! What are these people doing? I call again and a “research ticket” was created. No confirmation number is tracked and they told me to check back in, you guessed it, 6-8 weeks. Who gets paid to manage this place?

    • Paul: I am experience the same issues as yours. I paid $9,360 in November to pay off a Loan in full. They cashed my check but have been holding the money hostage ever since. Nothing has been applied to my loans and they continue to tack on interest. I’ve spoken to no less than 20 people and sent numerous emails, but to no avail. I keep getting the runaround that they will put in a “request” and I should check back in 7-10 business days. What an absolute nightmare.

  26. It would be nice if the Contact Information given was accurate!
    I am located outside the US (but my loans are still in need of paying & managing) and I cannot contact anyone about it with the phone numbers listed.

    Toll Free numbers won’t work internationally, and the Overseas/International number listed [011-315-738-6634 ] doesn’t work…probably because of the wrong country code, but even when I switched that around in a last ditch attempt to reach someone–it was no good!

    C’mon. Why is it so impossible to get a number to speak to someone?

    • I am currently in country and when I called the 888 number this morning, in order to speak to someone, I had to enter a 5 digit zip code….which was my 4 digit postal code with a zero on the end. When I got to speak to a person, I was told that with my foreign address, I cannot get online access to my account. But if I enter a false address (from a close friend or relative) I can get access. I asked if the US government was asking me to provide false and fraudulent information on a government website and the answer was YES. This has to be illegal. Even though the government is in need of every penny, they make it nearly impossible to pay school loans….unless you want to do something illegal.

  27. Moving domain name from .gov to .com makes me nervous when seeing email about my account. I’d expect the new website would be in .gov or .edu .

  28. So for my tax forms they’ve just included the interest I paid, but not all the capitalized interest. Is that right? I thought capitalized interest was supposed to be included…

  29. So I logged in today to see what my current balance is at for my loan. Now all of a sudden my account shows that my current balance is $0 and some payment for about 10K was made on 1/19/12 by someone, obviously note me. Has this happened to anyone else? Can my loan be sold to someone else? This site is so frustrating, one minute things are okay and the next time everything goes down the toilet again. It would be nice to get a phone call or email letting me know what is going on and why this happened.

    Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else

    • Yes, this happened to me too. I logged in today and it shows I have no upcoming payments, because my balance is $0, paid off 1/19/12. The payment is listed as “other” and I can’t get any info on why/how it happened. Much as I would love an anonymous benefactor, I suspect this is a site glitch. It had better not mess up my credit or payment history when they get it fixed.

      • Same thing happened to my husband’s account, the same day as you all report. My account is still showing my balance. No information anywhere on what is happening.

    • Same thing happened to me. We got dumped on to an UNKNOWN company. Mohela is the one I got dumped on. I have NEVER heard of them. Nice of the Dept of Edu to let us know ahead of time. They plain out and out rot.

  30. Try living not in the continental US. I’ve been trying to register since the switchover, been given the runaround, finally got an email from someone, which simply says, “there are known problems with registering from outside the country.” or something like that. Well, I live in the country, just not the mainland.

    I just got an email saying I have a message in a system I have not been able to register for.

    THIS is SO messed up. Perhaps I should just stop payment on my automatic deductions: maybe then someone might try and actually talk to me.

    • And please forgive my frustration. I won’t stop paying of course, just wondering if switching to mailing in checks will get someone to notice me.

  31. I finally mailed in a couple payments as none of my payments for the last 4 months came out of my bank account or posted on my student loan account (even though, I got emails saying that had been successfully processed). They cashed my check a couple days ago, but it hasn’t been posted as payment on the student loan website yet. I just missed a phone call today and looked the phone number up online…it was the Direct Loans collection department! This is ridiculous…I have tried to make payments numerous times and they are the ones with the payment problems, NOT me!

  32. So you removed access to all old payment history and they claim on my 1098-E that I have paid $0.00 in interest. Oh and have stopped sending out any paper statement. Please have someone release a honest statement of what happened and what is going on.

  33. Has anyone else noticed if their loans have been taken off of their credit report? Mine were taken off in December and I’m wondering if it is related to the website change. I thought that it might be the cause, but also thought it would be replaced with information from the new site.

    • The same this happened to me and my credit score dropped more than 10 points because of it. Just checking my report again today and it still shows as closed and none of my prior payment history is showing on the credit report either. So I think we’re all still waiting for the Dept of Edu to get their act together with these loans.

  34. Just like last month and the month before that, I’ve had issues just pulling up the web site. The home page won’t even load most of the time.

    When it does load, I can’t log in. I enter my login info and it just redirects me to the login page again. It’s extremely frustrating.

    Shouldn’t all this be fixed by now??

  35. Got my congress person involved in my issues with the Dept. but got an outright lie in response to my complaints. They blamed me for not requesting forbearances for all my loans while I wait for my in school deferment to go through. Yet when I spoke to one of their reps, they said when I requested a deferment on the website, it should have applied to all my loans, but it didn’t. When I asked to speak to someone higher to complain, they put me on hold. What kind of customer service is this? If this were a private company, people would be fired!

  36. They just posted the Forms 1098 for 2011, and they do NOT include the interest paid prior to the time the DoE started using the new website, and dropped all the prior payment information from their system. Thus your 1098 is incorrect, and not in your favor. Welcome to the world of big, uncaring, inefficient, incompetent government bureaucracy.

    • They posted mine as well this morning- incorrect with $0 paid interest. I checked their website this afternoon, about 4 hours later, and the tax information has mysteriously disappeared.

      I’ve been reading through the comments here, and have my own horror stories as well. Glad I’m not the only one in hell with these people.

      • Keep track of the 2011 interest that you’ve paid if you can. Report that interest to the IRS. Don’t ask the Dept of Education for help. It will only piss you off even more.

      • Seriously?! Who do we go to about this?! My bill is PAST DUE AGAIN and all of the banking information is in order! I’m so ticked! Why did they ever have to change this in the first place? Clearly this was a horrible idea. My bill was due on the 14th and here it is the 19th. Cool. And my 1098 says $0 too.

        • My 1098 is $0.00 too, this is unbelievable, you should also pull your credit report they changed everything. I went from 1 loan to 10 under the new system.

      • I strongly agree that this is the worst system I’ve ever had to deal with. Both my daughter and I have had an awful time trying to get answers to our questions.
        1. When you make additional payments, they’re not applied correctly and may cause your automatic debit to stop for a month are two. When we called about this, we were told it applies the extra payment as “paid ahead”. Then it also may show a reduced regular payment. Very confusing to tell if your payments are getting applied correctly.
        2. There’s been little to no communication about how or when the system was actually going to convert over. None of our historical payment information prior to the conversion shows up.
        3. I’m still on paper statements. Sometimes I get them on time and sometimes they come after my payment due date.
        4. My daughter is on electronic messages & statements and has received no e-mail notices or statements (accept the initial statement when this converted in October) in her secure messages. When she asked about this, she was told that you don’t get electronic statements when you’re on automatic payments through Quikpay which I find absolutely unacceptable.
        5. With all the issues my daughter has had with the quikpay, she’s now opted to stop the automatic payments and electronic messages so she’ll get the paper and can keep a more accurate accounting of what’s going on.
        We both have no confidence, that this system is trustworthy.

        Extremely Frustrated and Concerned

    • No, they’re not kidding you. Keep track of the 2011 interest that you’ve paid if you can. Report that interest to the IRS. Don’t ask the Dept of Education for help. It will only piss you off even more.

  37. According to my tax form, I paid $0.00 in student loan interest in 2011? While that sounds splendid, it is NOT accurate. I paid thousands and thousands of dollars in student loan interest last year. Does ANYTHING work on this site? I schedule payments that are not taken out, my automatic payment is not taken out consistently, this is ridiculous.

    • It’s worse than ridicolous. Please, everyone, keep track of the 2011 interest that you’ve paid if you can. Report that interest to the IRS. Don’t ask the Dept of Education for help. It will only piss you off even more.

      • Ed, I know you are trying to be helpful. But how are we keep track of the 2011 interest we paid? I’m sure most of us replied on the old Direct Loan site to list all our payment history (which states clearly how much went to principal and how much went to interest). I know I didn’t printout the payment history every time I paid. Since the new site doesn’t show the old payments and are misrepresenting the new payments, what do you mean keep track and how? We do not have access to this information anymore.

        • Not having online access to the old information is a serious problem. However, they have to give you that information. Before I did anything, I requested (via a phone call in early December 2011) and received (about a week later) a written historical statement for the 2011 period prior to the conversion in October. That statement showed the interest I had paid up until the conversion. Then I made what I thought was an additional interest payment, since all my loans are in deferrment, in December 2011. However, they applied that payment to my principle balance instead. I called them today and the customer service was much improved (only waited 12 minutes and the rep seemed knowledgeable). He said he would retroactively re-apply my payment to pay down the interest and correct my 1098-E. However, I have to wait 7-10 business days for the transaction to process. We’ll see.

    • Larry, I’ve never received a response from my Ombudsman. If you were able to do so, please tell me how.

  38. I have been trying to pay down principal on one of my higher interest loans for two months. Now that they have the loans separated by groups, it is impossible to do. Calling the service center is an absolute JOKE! In six calls I get six different answers. They rarely process a request, and when they do it messes up my electronic debit and makes everything past due. The way they are handling this has got to be illegal. Give us back the old website!

    • I called 6 times and got the same answer each time. My question was I have 2 loans and want to pay off one of them, the higher interest one. They all told me that I had to make the payment and then they would adjust it to the correct account. Well of course it was split between both loans and now my auto payment shows no payment is due until 4-2014. Great you know they will be racking up the interest on both accounts. They assure me that they see the note that it is to be adjusted to the correct loan. I did however, learn that if you want to pay off just one loan that you can go into Pay Now, Then Allocate/Edit Payment, if you have more than one loan click on the + sign and you will be given a drop down menu at that point you can allocate which loan you want to make the payment on. Now how simple would it have been for me to have had those instructions prior to making a very large payment.

  39. Is anybody else here having difficulties with their income contingent loans? Mine is up for it’s yearly renewal, and I was supposed to receive a letter warning me of this in October, which because of the website change was never sent. Instead I got a letter in December telling me I had to renew it within 30 days or my account would be switched to the standard repayment plan. I sent in the required forms the next day, only to be told that it would take 49 days to process them, and that even if they were processed sooner I’d still have to pay the standard plan amount because they had already billed me that much at the start of the month. In other words, the 30 day
    time limit the letter mentioned never existed never existed, and I needed to send the forms in 49 days earlier than that. Ive called several times to have them speed up processing. They always say they will and then never do. I believe they are purposefully not processing the information so that they can charge me the standard payment amount next month as well. To me this is fraud. How am I supposed to know what forms to send in, and where, and when, if I don’t receive notification in time. There needs to be a class action lawsuit.

    Also, in case any of you are on income contingent loans, be aware that the form you sent in authorizing the IRS to automatically send in tax information to the Department of Education is no longer being used. So you have to reapply every year manually. Which is another thing they didn’t warn us of.

    • I received the letter that my income based schedule was expiring — after the fact. I submitted their form and my tax statement. No response for a month. If you’ve had any better luck, I’ve love to hear what you did.

      • So I did get somewhere just by continually asking to speak to a supervisor. After awhile I got one who was pretty helpful and put in a request to get my processing expedited from 49 days to 4. She said something about having done a few “escalated” calls like these, and that they usually take just a day or two. I’d try that. It might even help to use that word. Just remember to keep asking for supervisors until you get someone reasonable.

        However, I couldn’t get them to change the amount they billed me. And now it turns out that they’re going to begin billing me based on my gross income instead of my AGI, because I submitted pay stubs instead of a tax return. Despite them specifically saying on the phone that pay stubs would be fine, and despite the fact that they list my taxes on them. So, now I have to start the whole cycle again.

        • Does anyone know whether temporary forbearance is an option in this case? I’m in the same boat – they stopped debiting my payments at random in November, and my next payment is quadruple the IBR payment I should be paying… and is due on Feb. 14. I just got the secure message last Friday stating that I needed to send in my tax returns, which I did that day. Of course, nothing has been updated yet. There is no way on earth I can afford the standard repayment amount, and I’m honestly freaking out! I’ve called and called and called – but nothing ever changes. I don’t know what to do. I suppose I will call again in a few days and ask to speak to supervisors repeatedly, but this just seems like a big mess!! How did all this happen, and how can they punish us for their mistakes???

          • Yes, you can get a forbearance. I had to do the same thing. Just be aware that this will capitalize your interest and mean that your loan amount will increase. Honestly I feel like it’s a scam to get you to do this. They’re very unhelpful with everything except offering forbearances, because it means more money for them.

            If you speak to a supervisor you might be able to get your tax forms processed quicker, but they will only change next months bill, not the current one.

            Like other people have said, I’d try complaining to the ombudsman. I’m not sure it’ll do anything, but it is their fault, and if enough people complain maybe something will come of it.

            Good luck.

    • the same exact thing happened to me. and in the middle of fixing it, my loan got transferred to MOHELA (also with no notice). so i get to start all over again trying to fix things. what a mess.

  40. This new loan serving website is a total fiasco. No accountability anywhere for the problems. The old website was about 100 times better. My graduated payment schedule is nowhere to be found. My old electronic mail from Direct Loans is GONE. The website cannot accurately show me how much I would owe if I changed my repayment plan. Dept of Ed should IMMEDIATELY return to the old web site and servicer! These people are servicing the largest chunk of personal debt in the USA and this is the website we get??????

  41. Your website is terrible. Half of the time I cannot log in. 90 percent of the time I get e-mails stating that there is correspondence that needs to be reviewed in my mailbox. I go to my account, when I am able to log in, and there is no new correspondence to be read. I call customer service and get the run around. Now it appears that you have not received my request for an income based repayment plan. Now I will have to repay a much larger payment than originally planned due to your inefficiency. You all suck! I wish I never borrowed a dime from you due to your poor customer service. Credit card companies have treated me much better than you have, and that is not saying much. You lose my documents, your website doesn’t work, your customer service reps do not know anything. I wish we had the old online service. It worked more consistently and was much more responsive.

  42. The only “data” available is on the Print Loan Summary Letter; under Message Center. This only shows very basic information, nothing about payment history.

  43. For the Tax Year 2011 Student Loan Interest Deduction, document everything. Since the DOE Student Loan payment processing system is unreliable at best, we are truely on our own with the IRS in this matter. As long as you have the backup documentation, the IRS cannot prove you wrong (who they gonna call?, the DOE). Also, poeple who work for the IRS have student loans just like the rest of us.

  44. I feel like I have no power to do anything. I pay the bill. I see NO payment history online. I dont get mail in my box. My balnace goes up and makes NO sense. I miss the old websiite where I could at least tell I had paid my bill. This seems illegal. My payment from October should at least have been resolved by now. What the heck is going on? All the other comments lead me to believe we need help!

    • I no longer get paper bills consistently either, though they insist they are mailing them out. This combined with the problems we all seem to have making payments smacks of being illegal. If enough people’s interest goes up, they make even more money.

      • Same here, my husband requested electronic statements after the DOE took $600 from our accounts but told him he never made a payment. It has been over 30 days since he requested paper statements and guess what we haven’t received any. Oh but we are finally get the notifications that his payments did not go through (but $600 is still missing from our bank account and the bank states the money was given to DOE.)

        • I also sent my Oct. payment and they say they did not receive it, even though the money was taken from my bank account. I call every month about it and they keep telling me to wait and it will get resolved evetually, but it never does.

  45. Just got done spending the last three hours both on the phone and gathering all my bank records for the past two and a half years. After direct loans told me in their own letters (which my accounts backed up) that I owed about 10,000… two weeks later the amount the website showed suddenly jumped up to 23,000. It’s taken me months to try and figure out and no one could tell me why. I’ve been trying to make payments even while I was in school over the last couple years but with at least 75% of the payments there have been problems on the direct loans end.

    I would advise anyone who has a direct loan to keep a spreadsheet of EVERY single payment you’ve made, every interaction, letter you’ve received etc. and then a copy of bank statements to back it up. Then, when they mess up your loans (which is very likely) you’ll have everything there to back it up. Make sure and watch your account like a hawk or you could end up paying way more than you owe. I cannot believe how poorly the system works and agree with others – no other financial institution would allow things to run this way.

    I also agree with others in that they often don’t answer the question you ask in e-mails. I can’t wait to be done with this whole system.

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