ED Working to Resolve Problems with Direct Loan Website

Updated Jan. 5, 4:00 PM ET: The Department’s new Direct Loan Servicing website can be accessed 24 hours a day at www.myedaccount.com.

To help borrowers who are experiencing technical issues when accessing the new website, the Direct Loan Servicing Center has set up a technical assistance call center.  The technical assistance call center will handle inquiries relating to new web account set ups, password resets, and other general questions about getting logged into Manage My Account (MMA) feature of the website.  This special technical assistance call center, 1-888-809-2452, is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Borrowers with any other questions about their Direct Loan account should call the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s main line at 1-800-848-0979. The Direct Loan Servicing Center is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate borrowers’ patience during the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s transition.  Please be assured that no borrower impacted by access issues experienced during the transition will be penalized for late payments or lose any benefits to which they are entitled. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       I’m having trouble accessing the website and call center.  What’s going on?

The Direct Loan Servicing Center is in the process of transitioning to a new website, www.myedaccount.com.  As a result of the transition, some student loan borrowers were having trouble accessing the site or experiencing extended wait times.  We are aware of these issues and are working to address them.  We will keep you updated as more information becomes available and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2.       What if I need to make a payment?

Borrowers may choose to mail in their payment or wait until the website is functional to make an online payment.  We understand that this issue has been an inconvenience for our borrowers. We will ensure that no borrower loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address: 
United States Department of Education 
PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

3.       Will my payment be considered late?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

4.       Will I lose any benefits as a result of this issue?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

5.       If I make payments through electronic debit, will my payment be impacted?

Borrowers enrolled in electronic debit do not need to take any action. However, borrowers with an October 7, 2011 debit date may have noticed a slight delay in the drafting of the payment from their bank accounts.  Despite the drafting delay, the effective date of each borrower’s payment will be October 7, 2011.

6.       Should I send my payment in via mail?

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address:
 United States Department of Education
 PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

7.       Is the new website, www.myedaccount.com, compatible with all browsers?

 The website is compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0 (and higher), Firefox 3.0 (and higher), Chrome and Safari.

 8.      If I had an account on the old Direct Loan Servicing Center website, will it transfer over to the new site or do I need to create a new account? 

You must register for a new account at the new Direct Loan Servicing center website, www.myedaccount.com to access your account information.  You will no longer use your Federal Student Aid PIN to access information about your loans.

9.        I don’t think I’m receiving e-mails from the new Direct Loan Servicing Center.  What should I do?

The first thing to do is update your e-mail address book.  You may want to add the two e‑mail addresses the Direct Loan Servicing Center will use to communicate electronically with you. The two addresses are dlsc@myedaccount.com and onlinenotice@directloanservicingcenter.org. Doing this will prevent the servicer’s e-mails from being blocked and ending up in a quarantine, spam, junk, or trash folder.

If after adding both addresses to your e-mail address book you are still not receiving e-mails, contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center for assistance.

10.     My account is showing past due, but I am enrolled in electronic debit.  Do I need to send in a payment?

 If you are repaying your loan using electronic debit (the Kwikpay option), the Direct Loan Servicing Center will now debit your bank account on the first business day following your due date.  The Direct Loan Servicing Center will apply the payment to your Direct Loan account with an effective date that is the same as your payment due date.  If you access your account via the website or on our automated voice response system before both the bank account debit and the Direct Loan account payment application occur, your account may appear to be past due.   However, your status will be updated to current as soon as the payment application occurs and will not reflect negatively on your account.   It is not necessary to re-submit or mail another payment.

11.      I received a billing statement from the Direct Loan Servicing Center, but I have electronic debit set up.  Do I need to send in a payment?

No, if you are enrolled in electronic debit, you do not need to send a payment.  Your electronic payment will be applied as scheduled.

 12.    My payment history is no longer available online.  How can I get a copy of my payment history?

Payment history before October 1, 2011, is not available on www.myedaccount.com.  However, you may request that a copy of your payment history be sent to you via U.S. mail.  In order to request your payment history, please contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center at 1-800-848-0979 or send an email using the ‘contact us’ link found on the homepage of the website.


  1. The new system is definitely unsatisfactory. It doesn’t show my payment history from before the new system kicked in, and half the time I can’t log in because of technical issues.

    A more serious problem occurred when I tried to make an extra payment at the end of October. The site debited my account for my regular payment, the extra payment, and then ANOTHER regular payment on top of that. So for the month of October I paid three times, even though only two of those payments were authorized by me. Lucky for me, I had the money in the bank at the time and the amount was applied to the loan principal, but that shouldn’t have happened at all. I keep paying regularly each month, but my due date has advanced by several months, so there should be NO auto-debits happening at this point.

    I’m out of the country, so calling customer service is inconvenient to say the least.

  2. I have emailed some of the major national and state newspaper outlets about this problem, as well as the US Dept of Education media contacts, my US representative and both state senators. I will not stop here and will target other government and media agencies. If you are interested in starting some kind of a petition against Nelnet, please email me. Nelnet has to go down, or fix its flawed website immediately. This misuse of our funds is absolutely unacceptable.

    • I think it’s important that as many people as possible take these steps. I am an attorney and the last thing I want to do is file a lawsuit. It’s expensive and time consuming. That being said, we are literally being ripped off. My wife and I have both spent numerous hours on the phone and website. We are losing money and I don’t have confidence that payments are being applied correctly. We have too much invested to let this just go without proper resolution. I will sign a petition or whatever. Everyone else needs to voice their opinion as well. I am looking into whether a class action makes sense. I’d really rather it be resolved through media attention or the agency itself, but they are clearly not making this a priority.

  3. i tried paying my final bill, waited a half hour to get through to a rep on the phone, she confirmed payoff info. i submitted it and even though she said the payoff was good for ten days, the website is showing a $0.02 balance. well, i canceled quickpay and removed my banking info from the site, so they’re not getting the $0.02 and i just hope they don’t put the balance past due to a collection agency (think no one would do that over $0.02? it happens). although, i might prefer to work with a bill collection agency just to get closure at this point…

  4. Well, this has reached new levels of absurdity. I’m STILL following up with the office on a mistake they made in September with my interest rate. It hasn’t been corrected, though I’ve made over 15 phone calls and spent over 30 hours on the phone trying to resolve it. I’ve also noticed that my principle owed on my loan is rising by ~$20 a day, and have the screenshots from the website to prove it. Naturally, no one at the servicing center has any idea of how to help me or why this is happening.

    I’m writing letters to my congresswoman, senators, the student loan ombuds, the Consumerist blog, and my regional DOE office this weekend. I’ll pass along tips if anything works.

    • I think we should start a class action lawsuit. My account on a monthly basis is increasing anywhere from $3K-$4K. My school isn’t much help and neither is the department of Education.

  5. I am also having trouble with extra payments being applied to future payments rather than principal, and now they have stopped taking the auto-debit payments because of the “advancing due date”, so I am not really being allowed to make extra payments.

    I spent a couple of hours on the phone today with the awful new private company that has been put in charge of our loans. Customer service said the only way to make extra payments and continue the auto-debit at the same time was to check the box marked “Kwik Pay override” on the “manage Kwik Pay” page. All good, except as soon as I check the box, the check goes away and doesn’t register. So I called tech support and was told that I had to use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser and that “there’s a better chance of it working if you use Firefox than if you use something else”!

    I also asked why we, the debtors, were not informed of all these changes. The customer service person said that they are working on drafting a letter right now to explain all the changes. I said: shouldn’t the letter have been sent months ago, before the changes were actually implemented? She said: well, even we don’t know what all the changes are, we are still trying to figure it out ourselves.

    The one thing they have done right so far, is that when I noticed a couple of weeks ago that all my payment history was not available online, I called and they said they could mail a paper copy. I did receive it in just a couple of days, and it seems complete and accurate. A paper copy is better than none at all, at least I have some kind of record.

  6. I just got off the phone with the direct loans Department of Education. I filled out an application to have my loan consolidated as a means of saving a little money. I was quoted a fair interest rate that it turns out was based on my discounted interest rate. When I go my first bill my interest rate was a full percentage point higher than what I was quoted. I spoke at lenghth with Sandra the direct loan representative and she was more than willing to lecture me, but didn’t seem at all interested in fixing the problem. She even recognized that my situation is not unique, but she seem interested in the slightest in addressing the application process or correcting this issue. Only in politely informing me that I just got screwed by the government for a few thousand dollars when I went there to maybe save a few bucks. Please Help. Let me know what you did to correct this situation so people with student loans are not mislead into thinking the direct loan is a means of helping them when it turns out to be a mean of jacking up their interest rate.


  7. I tried to call about my loans today at 9:15PM eastern standard time. I recieved a recorded message stating that the direct loans service center was closed and that regular business hours are from 8:00AM to 10:00PM eastern stanard time. My trust in the ability of the direct service center to manage my loans further diminishes given that the organization can not correctly state its hours of operations.

  8. As most people that have commented, I am horribly confused and stressed out!
    The old system was perfect! I saw all of my payment histories, remaining balances, interest, etc.

    Suddenly I try to log in to review my loans and the website is totally different and I can not see my payment history anywhere! I am still being debited for my monthly automatic payment but can not find proof of it anywhere!

    I registered with the new website but have no payment history, whatsoever. My last payment was debited out of my checking account earlier this week and has not posted through the new Kwickpay system.

    I do not understand anything at all! I am so freaked out that my money is disappearing into thin air and not being applied to what I want it to apply to!

    No phone numbers lead me to a speaking person. I have not received emails or paper mail regarding any of this and am really really freaked out.


  9. Not only am I disappointed in the poor transition to the new system, also I am disappointed in the lack of response to comments/complaints about the servicing of direct loans left on the blog. It seems a pointless exercise to have a blog and allow comments without bothering to address concerns posted.

    Although it has given me information on how to elevate my issues with the current servicing of direct loans.

  10. I am having a different problem than most of you. On the loan website, it shows up that I paid my bill on November 7, but to this day, it has still not been taken out of my bank account. I’m worried that it is randomly going to come out at a time I am not even expecting it!

  11. How sad so many of us who were college educated with loans from the Dept. of Ed are being penalized with their pathetic “new system” . My wages have been garnished since Sept. on a student loan that was originally $12,000 25 years ago , and to this date I paid back about $40,000. This was due to collection fees with the NCO Financial and FAMS, who are contracted through the Dept Of Ed to collect on these loans. In addition to paying on these loans for many years, my income tax checks have been garnished also.Due to lifes unexpected events my loan went into default, after missing several payments, hence the garnishment, and my balance of 4,100 now jumped to 5,700 with the collection fees from FAMS. I realized I will never get out of this debt so I made a settlement offer , and this was supposed to stop further garnishing and through past garnishings of wages in just 2 monthsI paid inanother 1,500. As of today they continue to garnish my wages even though My balance is zero, and the$1,500 sent in total from my employer through garnishments and are shown on my pay stub have yet to even appear, I keep callling different sources and Im getting nowhere. Not even 1 payment has posted since Sept.. I was told I would be refunded any monies after the settlement offer so at the present $!,500 is unaccounted for and I was hoping to receive this soon as Im a single mom with children in college I’m trying to help as well. I took out a loan to pay the settlement amount so now Im still getting garnished and paying on the loan, Will the gov add interest as they did to my student loans on the unaccounted1,500 they garnished. Was hoping to have it back soon for Xmas and no more garnishing but this is a nitemare. Anyone else with similar problem?

  12. I am totally that such a critical business systems involving so many millions of borrowers has been handled so casually. Business Systems do need change and replacement and it is nothing new. I have made two payments one on October 25 and the other one on November 8 are still waiting to be posted. I am not sure if I should make any more payments until all the problems are fixed. It is a catch 22 situation because if payments are not made – interest is going to pile up. Department of Education should give this issue a high priority and hire some knowledgeable experts fast to resolve the issues.

    • Debarata,

      I am in the same boat. I made two payments this month and have no idea if they were received or what they were applied to.

      All I can do is pray and hope it works out.

  13. We have been loosing sleep over the new edaccount. We got the grad plus (and other loans), but decided to cancel the grad plus loan and returned all the grad plus money 29900 within 120 days. But they did not update account even after 40 days, saying they will apply….so far they applied only 5k out of 29.9k.

    I can only hope that they dont loose these records and ask this poor student to repay again :(

  14. My wife and I have had the same issues with the ‘Do Not Advance Funds’ button. It is completely disabled and has been for the past few weeks. Payment will not be taken over the phone. We have the legal right to pay down this debt without advancing the due date. This is costing many of us thousands of dollars. No one in customer service or technical support acknowledge the issue and each points to the other for resolution. I am considering filing a lawsuit.

    • Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit going, Obviously there are hundreds of us that are having major issues.

      • I agree. They are literally stealing our money every day that interest continues to accrue and they deny us the right to make an extra payment towards principal. Every time we call, we get a different answer. We were told that the website was the only way to not advance the due date. I was then told, for the first time, that they could do that if we mailed in a letter with our payment advising not to advance the due date. I’ve been told the opposite by many other representatives. We can not mail in our payment and leave it to chance whether it will be applied to principal or whether it will be applied at all. This is absolutely unacceptable and criminal. I have contacted someone at the Baltimore Sun to investigate but that seems like a longshot. I think a class action is not out of the question if this is not fixed quickly. I know not everyone has the same problem, but many are similar and there is a specific start date to all of these issues…the new system/website. I have not confidence that our payments are being applied correctly.

        • I agree that it is looks very like a fraud. If any other business took your money without any trace it probably would be very serious ground for a criminal investigation.

        • Jack and Alex,

          I spent some time investigating the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox, and I think I figured out how it works.

          If you click on the “What’s this?” link underneath this checkbox, you’ll see the following explanation in an overlaid “Info” box:

          “Unless you advise otherwise, your due date will be advanced one month for every full payment received (see example below). If you do not wish for your due date to be advanced more than a single month, regardless of payment amount made, you need to check the ‘Do not Advance Due Date’ checkbox.”

          Unfortunately, this “Info” box is missing the following clarification, which is only present on the back of the paper version of a Direct Loan billing statement:

          “To prepay your loan(s), the payment you send must be at least twice your Monthly Payment Amount and you must satisfy all unpaid charges and all past due amounts.”

          In other words, the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox is disabled for a particular loan group unless you do the following:
          -If the “Next Due Date” for this loan group is the same as the overall “Next Due Date” for the account in which this loan group is contained, enter a payment amount that is greater than twice the “Next Payment Amt” for this loan group (to cover more than 2 months’ worth of payments).

          Example (from my account — amounts have been changed): Let’s say loan group C’s “Next Due Date” is 12/7/2011 and the account’s overall “Next Due Date” is also 12/7/2011. If the “Next Payment Amt” for this loan group is $100.00, you need to enter a payment amount of at least $200.01 (more than twice the “Next Payment Amt”) to enable the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox.

          -If the “Next Due Date” for this loan group is later than the overall “Next Due Date” for the account in which this loan group is contained, enter a payment amount that is simply greater than the “Next Payment Amt” for this loan group. (Since this loan group’s “Next Due Date” is later than the account’s overall “Next Due Date,” you only need to cover more than that future month’s payment.)

          Example (from my account — amounts have been changed): Let’s say loan group A’s “Next Due Date” is 1/7/2012, but the account’s overall “Next Due Date” is earlier (12/7/2011). If the “Next Payment Amt” for loan group A is $100.00, you only need to enter a payment amount of at least $100.01 (simply more than the “Next Payment Amt”) to enable the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox.

          I hope this helps you both (and other people as well).

          • James this is very interesting! Thanks for this. I just attempted to pay off one group in it’s entirety and sure enough the box became enabled. I will report back when/if the payments hits my account. The entire payoff amount for this (pretty small) group is slightly less than the monthly auto-payment, so I am curious to see what it will do (if anything) to my next auto-payment.

          • You’re welcome, Alex! (For some reason, there’s no “reply” link underneath your latest comment.)

            One more thing…last night, when I finally went to make my first student loan payment, I discovered that the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox is seemingly temperamental. I had already dug into the webpage’s source code (particularly the HTML and JavaScript) to figure out the logic behind the enabling/disabling of this checkbox. However, when I tried to allocate my total payment across my three loan groups, I could only enable the checkboxes for any 2 (but not all 3) loan groups even though my payment amounts were clearly above the “Do Not Advance” threshold for each of these groups. (You can see the threshold for each of your loan groups by viewing the source code for https://www.myedaccount.com/accounts/Pages/MakeAPayment.aspx and searching for instances of “DNAThresholdAmt.”) Apparently, the payment amounts that I had tried to enter were initially too high or something. After I revisited the page several times and played around with different amounts, I was finally able to enable the checkboxes for all 3 loan groups by initially entering payment amounts just above (like $0.01 above) the “Do Not Advance” threshold for each of these groups. Then I checked off all 3 checkboxes before I increased my payment amounts to my desired numbers. There’s probably some subtle bug or something that’s not immediately obvious to me, as the behavior of the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox is clearly a bit bizarre. The myedaccount.com web staff should debug this checkbox and make it more usable. At the very least, they should perhaps provide a more detailed explanation in the “Info” box that pops up when a user clicks on the “What’s this?” link underneath the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox. (I already e-mailed them last night about providing a better explanation for this checkbox, but I’ll send them a follow-up e-mail about the checkbox’s bizarre behavior as well.)

          • Wow, thanks for your help James. I haven’t attempted it yet, but you clearly put in a lot of time and energy. If only the people actually in charge of our money put in a portion of the time you spent, the problem would no doubt be fixed. I don’t recall having to double the payment before though (we could make any amount of payment to principal). Does anyone know if this was a change in policy or part of the kink in the system?

          • You’re welcome, Jack! I’m not sure why we can’t make just any amount of payment to principal via the web now (if it was possible to do so before). I just did some digging through ed.gov via Google, and the only page that seems to be relevant to this issue is http://loanconsolidation.ed.gov/help/faq.html (specifically the answer to FAQ #25, “Can I prepay on my loan?” — http://loanconsolidation.ed.gov/help/faq.html#prepay):

            “Borrowers may prepay all or part of the unpaid balance on any Direct Loan at any time, without an early repayment penalty. If a borrower makes a payment that exceeds the required monthly payment, the prepayment will be applied first to any charges or collection costs, then to outstanding interest, and last to principal. However, if a borrower’s account has no outstanding interest, the prepayment is applied entirely to principal. If the prepayment is twice the borrower’s monthly payment, the next payment due date is advanced unless the borrower specifies otherwise. The borrower will be notified of a revised due date.”

            This seems to indicate that it is (or at least was) possible to make payments directly to principal. Perhaps you can only do it by mail now? (The paper version of my billing statement contains the same “Special payment instructions only” box as the one present at the bottom of this outdated sample paper statement (http://www.nelnet.com/pdf/How%20to%20Read%20Your%20ED%20Statement.pdf) from September of 2009.)

          • Huh…I just logged into my account to see if my payment for this month has gone through yet (it has). However, it appears that even though I checked off the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox for all 3 of my loan groups, each group’s due date still advanced one month for every full payment received. Nevertheless, the “Info” box that pops up when you click on the “What’s this?” link underneath this checkbox does contain the following:

            “For example, if your amount due in the month of August is $50 and you submit an online payment for $150, your account will be credited for the months of August, September, and October ($50 + $50 + $50 = $150). Your next payment due date will be in November. This DOES NOT impact how or when the full payment is applied to your account, or restrict you from still making a payment in September or October if you wish.”

            This means that if I continue to make monthly payments (regardless of how far ahead in the future my due dates are), my payments will still be applied immediately, so it doesn’t matter if the “Do Not Advance Due Date” checkbox doesn’t do anything (even though it should), right?

          • That’s unfortunate, figures we found a way to enable the dang box just to realize it does absolutely nothing. My payment also went through, but I guess because I only paid off one group, my auto-payment date was not advanced. The amount of the next auto-payment payment has gone down, but I guess that’s because it includes one less group now.

    • 1-800-848-0979

      If you wait until AFTER the automated messages the few seconds, then it will tell you that it’s tranferring you to customer service. I’ve never had trouble getting a hold of them.

  15. I want to know why my wife’s auto-debit is working while mine stopped working after the transition to the new system. The new system shows my account is still setup for auto pay, but it has yet to actually debit my checking account. FIX IT!

  16. I called the service center twice today because I could not believe that I could not access my 2010 tax information. According to the customer service rep the only only way to receive the information was to request a hard copy that would take 7-10 business days to receive. That is ridiculous. It has been a number of months since the conversion to this new system. Time enough to coordinate the old system to the new one. Especially for tax information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Have you tried clicking on the link that says ‘Borrower Login’ or ‘Manage My Account’ after you do that, they have a link that says ‘Register’. I found it pretty easy.

  17. I have been having same problems as most everyone else with the “transition”
    Here is some info a financial aid rep at local university told me:

    Find your local Department of Education Regional Offices and call their office, explain the issues you are experiencing!

    Here is a link to Department of Education Regional Offices and Contact Information:


    Also, Go to the FSA Ombudsman web site which provides the process and the resources to assist you in resolving problems with your student loans, where there is an official action form to fill out:


  18. This page was last updated on Nov, 7.
    Are there any more recent development on when this new web-site expected to work correctly? It’ll soon be 2 month since the site went live, so any information on what is going on will be greatly appreciated.

  19. I have not been able to access the new website or even register for it for some time now. I contacted them once by email and the reply was absolutely no help. Just today at about 9 am, I tried to call the number for technical assistance. The connection was terrible as it even kept cutting out during the about 15 minute wait because all reprsentative were busy. I finally get through and the connection is so bad cannot even tell what the representative on the other end is even saying half the time because every other word or more was cut out. I told the representative that the connection was bad and she was cutting out every other word, I think she hung up on me then. That doesn’t speak well for their customer service now does it to just rudely hang up on me for something that was not my fault. I emailed them again explaining the situation and that I did call their number but the connection was so poor that I couldn’t even make sense of what the represenative was saying and she hung up on me. I am so not happy!! If I get an email in return that tells me to call their customer service number, I will scream!!

  20. My payment is always due on the 28th of each month. I went to pay it last night and was unable, due to a technical difficulty on the site. I went to pay it today, and it says it was paid in full…IN FULL on the 11th of this month. I DID NOT pay the bill on the 11th. I don’t have the money to do that and I would never approve that transaction. The money also never came out of my account. Now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to call on it. I KNOW I won’t be able to sleep, wondering if my bank account is going to go thousands of dollars negative because of a new website. From what I’m reading, it won’t be easy to get a hold of anyone useful anyways. *heart attack.

  21. I wrote my Congresswoman, who wrote back and said she’s taking these issues directly to the Department of Education. I’ll let you know if I hear anything further.

  22. I suggest we all contact our Senators and Congressmen. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, so we have to make so much noise that they have to pay attention.

  23. I posted a while ago about my problems, but I wanted to give an update. I have never had a problem logging in & I’ve been able to make 2 payments online that have posted within a few days. My problem is that when I first logged in my account should an incorrect past due & a current due so basically they wanted me to pay them twice. I only paid my usual monthly payment & sent them numerous emails to clear up this stupid past due. I’ve received 2 responses (out of 10 emails that I’ve sent) that did not understand or address my issue at all. My payments keep getting applied to this past due instead of to the current month like they should be. I have a feeling that the only way I’m going to be able to fix this is to pay double one month, but I don’t have the money to do that. Obviously this new website is a complete disaster – has anyone had any success complaining to anyone other than the contact me feature from the website? I want to complain to as many people as I can to get this fixed, but I’m not sure who even cares.

    Also, how can they claim this webpost is updated when all they do is change the date? No new information is ever posted!

    • I had the same issue with an incorrect past due showing up on my account. I called in and the girl I spoke with was able to correct it immediately. I found it kind of strange that all I did was tell her the past due was incorrect and she just fixed it.

      I am glad it was resolved so easily, but I find it unacceptable that I had to call in to get it fixed. It should never have been that way in the first place, or they should have corrected it on their own.

    • This new website is horrible. I am trying to figure where all the payment information for the past several years is

  24. What a disaster.
    I consolidated my loans earlier this year for the purpose of improving my credit score. A month after consolidation, I had a single loan on my reports, and my score was improved.
    This morning I received an alert from Equifax that a new account was opened. As a result my score is 20 pts lower than it was yesterday.
    I saw that it was a student loan, so I tried to log into the old site and only then learned about this whole fiasco called myedaccount.
    When I called myedaccount I received horrible service. I explained what had happened, and a woman rudely informed me that I had two loans, one subsidized and one not. I responded that I had consolidated all loans into one, and they were reported as one correctly until today. She became more rude and told me that everything was moved into their new system, and their system reports loans differently. I told her their new system was reporting incorrectly and she basically said “tough” What a witch. I asked to file a complaint and the supervisor I spoke to was no more helpful, but he gave me the address of the Dept of Education, again, denying their system was at fault.

    20 points on my credit report might determine whether my family is able to buy our first home next month or not, and these cretins couldn’t care less. Fire them all I say!

    P.S. I expect over the coming days there will be thousands of angry people who learn over time that their credit report has gone down as a result of myedaccount’s system “doing things differently”. Please share your outrage this must be addressed. Borrowers should not be penalized because someone made the poor decision to abandon a working system for a broken one run by rude people.

  25. Wow. Continuing to have problems with this website. I can finally access my account from home. Today I got an email that correspondence was waiting on the site. I logged in to have a PDF download and the information on the form is completely illegible – in non-English characters. I cannot tell what the disclosure is telling me. On top of that, my name is messed up. It literally says “S’A>N” instead of “SHAWN” in the address line!

  26. the best thing for all of us to do is to stop sending in payments until these government morons get their act together. i bet you the website and associated programs will be up and running perfectly in no time…

    • It’s unbelievable. Any time the government gets their idiotic hands on anything, its instantly destroyed. The government CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT. Nothing works correctly on the website. I cant see the record of my on time payments to the DLSC. Terrible people.

  27. Oh, I thought these emails were spam from Nelnet. Looks like you’ve sold me back to those incompetent account adminstrators, wonderful. Slave checking in for duty. Since my $$$$ loans are income-based repayment, that to me means -$0000 to you. Yet another fine argument as to why edutainment should be free to all.

  28. I received this email regarding my disappeared payment history:

    “Dear Direct Loan Borrower,
    “Thank you for your email inquiry . The payment history is not yet available on the new website. This feature will be updated shortly. If needed we can send you out the payment history by mail.
    “The Direct Loan Servicing Center Email Support”

    So apparently they are aware of the problem and plan to fix it at some unspecified future date. I won’t be holding my breath.

    • Don’t hold your breath! They told me the same thing and I have never received a statement. This is the most horrible accounting system of a website I have ever seen.

  29. This new system is simply absurd. I called three times weeks ago and the call wouldn’t even go through, an automated system said to try later and HUNG UP on me.
    I had lowered my payments previous to the new system, and that went through kwikpay fine. This month, I log on and my account shows one balance due, kwikpay another, neither is the lowered payment amount. I called twice and was told both times that the lower payment is what was due AND what would be debited from my account.
    The due date comes, my account is debited the FULL payment amount, still shows the other payment amount due and a full payment amount due next month. I called and the customer service rep (after being on hold 20 minutes) was rude and said “we cannot reverse a debit. Do you need help with anything else?”

    I’ve requested a complete stop in my payments through Direct Loans, will be putting a stop payment on them with the bank and cancelling kwikpay.
    I would like the .25% off interest but since the government cannot handle my account and money I will do it myself.

    • for 6 weeks i have been trying to get any and everyone eventually picked up the phone to simply show me that my 2 sets of payments of 2 different accounts were made. (4 total for those counting which they obviously cant) verbally i am told yes they made . but for 6 weeks i have asked for proof. they can not supply it. 4 paymemnts made, verified by phone, yet they can not produce a written piece of paper that shows the payments. not what was applied to interst and what was applied to pricipal, nothing in print. just today they told me that my payments made within 90 days of disbursement were considered as cash cancellation instead of applied to pricipal. those payments will never be recorded nor show up in my payments history. ridiculous. 4 years of making payments in the old system with no glitches and accurate payment histories. now that can’t even show me i made a payment. and now i am shown as delinquent on one of the loans.

    • OMG! Same thing happened to me. I paid an extra $500. last month and it doesn’t show anywhere, but they took my $. Called 4 times, what a bunch of amatures in accounting. Plus, now they took an extra $200. out of my account 2 days ago. Have no idea why. Was promised a statement 2 weeks ago of all previous payments and nothing. This is the biggest failure of a gov’t operation I have ever seen. The guy tells me on the phone they are manually having to enter receipts (payments made) of all payments coming in. Can you imagine? It’s the gov’t and they cannot even get a half working system together.

      I am so upset and am canceling auto debit and they better not take my .25% discount away either.

  30. This new system is A MESS. Zero customer service, zero accountability for the handling of our debt and the payments!

    I had requested an economic forebearance back in Oct and was told it required 5 business days to process and my auto debit could not be stopped. Keep in mind, I had called MULTIPLE times but the website was down and there was NOONE available to answer the phone and process my request which was weeks before I finally was able to get ahold of someone. Therefore, I put a stop payment on my Oct. payment with the bank.

    Imagine my surprise when the account draft was attempted and denied but THEN they changed the company name and auto debit amount (by 1 cent) and my account was drafted. Funny how they can get their money but it takes me numerous times to get through as well as extensive on hold to finally talk to someone about anything.

    When I called to complain and showed them proof that this was done and that I was in economic forebearance they said they would process my request for a refund of that monthly payment and to expect two weeks.

    Here it is, the end of November and I have not heard ANYTHING from them. Nothing. I have tried to call and cannot even get ahold of someone. I have sent emails on their website per their request (should you not be able to get ahold of anyone) and still NO response.

    This is an unacceptable and catastrophic management of money by the government. Why, oh, why in order to consolidate my loans did I have to use this service? I miss my Sallie Mae and had I not gone to further my education and required more consolidation of loans, I would have kept my loans with them. They knew customer service and understood their customers. I am so disappointed with this new holder of funds, system, website, customer service, etc. This is a disgrace!

  31. This new system is terrible. They double-charged me when the new system went live. This month, kwikpay took a payment even though nothing was due. The kwikpay page said that next payment would be 12/21/2012. It took one out on 11/21/2012 anyway, even though nothing was due. I called and spoke to customer service and he told me that no payment would be taken until there was a balance due. He was wrong.

    I’m looking that site right now and it says my next payment is 1/21/2012. I’m sure the next payment they take will be 12/21/2011. This NOT ok!

    • my story, exactly. i’m weirdly upset about it too.. thank you government for messing up my budgets. now i get to see where i can shorten ends somewhere else.

  32. I have noticed that when you go to “Pay Now” and click Allocate/Edit payments there is a disabled checkbox “Do Not Advance Due Date”, however it seems that this is only available for those on “Income-Based Repayment plan”. It also (now) clearly states under “What’s this?” that extra payments simply advance the due date. This is so frustrating.

    • I called and spoke with someone about this. She told me that if I wanted to pay extra and not have it advance my due date, I would need to call or email after the payment posted and they would adjust it – and adjust the interest back to the date that I made the payment.

      I just made a for more than is due, so we’ll see what happens.

      • Good luck with that! I still have payments made above the amount owed on my loans from August 19th, September 27th, and October 4th that have not been applied as I requested them. Part of the payments still show up on my lower interest loan despite repeated phone calls and emails. Two weeks ago I spoke with a manger and was told that my payments would show as correctly applied by the middle of last week. I called today and was told the system is backed up and there are no guarantees as to when my payments will be correctly applied to my account.

  33. I never used the old site, yet this transition has affected me. I’ve had automatic payments set up through my credit union’s online bill payment service since 2009 and never had an issue. Last month I got a statement informing me that Direct Loans never received my last payment. I called the number on the statement to straighten this out and was told that there were too many callers and was promptly disconnected.

    I just got my statement this month and again I’m seeing a past due amount – but this time it’s one cent less than it was last month! Why one cent?! I suppose the payment for that month is lost in the “transition” – all but one cent of it. Confused and annoyed I called the number on the statement again today and was put into a never-ending hold, until it finally informed me that the call center was closed for the day and disconnected me.

    So here’s what I’ve figured out on my own:
    * Our account numbers have changed from our SSN to something new (see your statement).
    * If you send a payment via check or billpay using your SSN as your account number, it appears Nelnet or Affiliated Computer Services (or whatever company is responsible for this fun) is unable to handle this and will lose your payment.

    If I had to guess, a private company (ACS or Nelnet) sold the department of ed on the idea of a new website and billing system and then subcontracted the actual work to an incompetent developer or development team. It’s a mess, it wasn’t necessary, and probably cost the government (tax payers) more than you’d ever want to imagine.

    • Yep, had the same thing happen to me, B of A showed the deduction complete with confirmation number on the ACH transfer, yet two months of my payments did not make it to the DOE. Interesting that we were not informed prior to them changing our account numbers. Funny how they can conveniently reach us when they want our money, but not to notify us of a significant change! Well, what else would we expect when our government departments are all messed up! LOL I know the money’s sitting in their depository somewhere, it’s up to the DOE to go get it!
      When I called up, the representative made it sound like oh yeah, where have you been! LOL

  34. I have also had numerous problems with the website including a double deduction of payments when the site first switched over, constant “Error Occurred” pages when trying to update KwikPay. I still always get a recorded message when I call there contact number. I can get a hold of the technical login contact they give but they can’t help with any account issues they state. I am also worried because the 1098e form shows $0 interest paid, which is NOT true, and I am concerned since they wiped out all the previous transactions that they will not be able to give the amount of interest from the first part of the year. I switched to “electronic” so I didn’t keep a paper copy of the amount of interest I had paid up until October! Is this a tax scheme so we pay more income tax or do we get to make up a number for the IRS!?!?!?!?

  35. I sometimes make extra loan payments. On the old website, these were ALWAYS principal only- they were never applied as early regular payments and the auto-debit always happened without a hitch.
    I called last week and was told that it works the same way with the new website. THIS IS NOT TRUE! My extra payment was applied as a regular payment and now my due date has advanced.
    Please consider bringing the old website back. It worked MUCH better. I am truly appalled at the level of service during this transition period. Unacceptable.

  36. Wow… you guys are extremely incompetent. Not a big surprise there… those behind this wonderful migration (oh wait, it’s really not a “migration” if my payment accounts and payment history are nowhere to be found) don’t have to worry about getting fired for what anyone outside of the government would call a massive failure. Why do they not have to worry about getting fired you ask? Because they’re government jobs, silly!

    I can’t even begin to list the number of problems with this migration. The first, and most obvious, is the lack of notice given to everyone. It was fairly short (two months), gave no definitive time-frame (“later this year”), and only ONE email mentioning this massive change appears to have been sent.

    When my credit union migrates or changes the smallest thing related to their online banking or billpay, I’ll receive no less than three emails and two paper notices (one notice just for the migration, the other included on a monthly statement usually as a reminder) three plus months in advance. If you really think one email and two months notice is enough, you need to study successful private-sector system migrations.

    Speaking of system migrations, I wasn’t aware writing a few SQL select statements/jobs to grab data from an “old” database and bring it into a “new” database was all that challenging? That could’ve provided those minimally useful things such as previous payment history (you know, those payments I made for the past several years with the old system that I’d like to see?), payment accounts etc… but pffft… who needs crazy things like that? I’ll just take your word that the amount shown is what I owe… who uses that whole “accounting” concept thing these days anyway? Is it 1984 yet?

    I would say the funniest part of the new system is the fact that in 2011, the Department of Education has just now caught on that using your SSN as one of the primary authentication methods was probably a bad idea, so you guys apparently outsourced to a company like RSA that integrates multi-factor authentication into systems. Now we get to create a username, password, and answer some predetermined questions that we get to choose from. Too bad a little bit of research/thought would’ve made you realize that giving users the ability to create their own questions (and of course answers) is the best method security-wise. Since this concept completely failed you, I won’t elaborate on the benefits as it’s probably a moot point.

    So now we have a shiny new “super secure” multi-factor authentication system in place, and what do I receive after submitting a payment? An email containing my FULL account number! That would be a plaintext (un-encrypted!) email containing CONFIDENTIAL information. Good job! Way to spend a lot of money bolting the front door only to have information blowing out the back!

    The real question is…was this project outsourced or done in-house? I’m guessing outsourced since most government types don’t want any extra work. If it’s outsourced, what political figures (senators, congressmen, Department of Ed people) chose the company? Some tax/loan payers better be asking!

    • No access to my account balances, last 6 months of payments. Amount transferred from DL to new system does not reflect payments made in last 12 months. Cannot get a human being on the telephone.

      Absolutely a total failure waste of money-time-human-energy. I voted for Obama and am left with ZERO FAITH in this administration. Who is in charge of this website, someone’s high school student??? Oh, but the administration is revising the the student loan laws to make it easier on those who are saddled by loans. Except nobody knows the rules, and rumors keep changing.

      Am sending letters to my congress folks immediately.

  37. I have had no problems with the new http://www.myedaccount.com system. In fact, once enrolled, I have found it easier. I always pay a couple weeks earlier to avoid any problems, and received a billing statement at my new address just last week, almost a month before the next payment is due. I’m sorry to all those who have experienced problems, but I give the new system two thumbs up.

    • Stephanie, does the site have the correct payment history and tax information for your loan, or has everything prior to October 2011 been erased, as it has for me and many others?

  38. Well, it took a little longer than I wanted, but I have to say that my situation has been resolved and it looks like my account is now ‘stable’ for lack of a better word. Hopefully more of you are in the same boat. But if I was quick to point out a mistake, I should also point out when its resolved.

    • I’m happy for you Bob. I hope that all of our problems get resolved and that these are just set up issues. My last auto-payments are still not recorded, and they don’t have a record of them, although the money came out of my account. I finally got someone on the phone who seemed competent, and we put a trace on it with all of the information about the payment, so I’m less frustrated, but still waiting. I’ve done the overide on the qwik-pay since the account thinks I am in deferrment when I am not. We’ll see what happens.

  39. I made a payment and now it isn’t showing up. In fact its showing that my loan is all paid off….which I know its not. what the heck? It showed that I owed one amount then it showed that I owed another amount and now it doesn’t show that I owe anything. I’m starting to regret giving my account info and payment to this sketchy site. I don’t know what to think. Can’t we trust the government at least in this area!?

    • “Can’t we trust the government at least in this area!?” – the answer is obviously “No, we cannot” :)
      Month after I made my payments there are still no trace of them on this fancy new site. I just wonder how would feel these incompetent programmers and web-designer felt if THEIR paychecks were vanished somewhere between ed.gov account and THEIR checking accounts.

      • Actually Petr, I think the government was handling this just fine until they PRIVATIZED the process and hired this Nelnet company to handle the student loan servicing.

  40. Balance shows to be zero now. I made an “EDPay” payment online at the beginning of the month. Then another payment showed up in my account a week later, listed as “Other” for the full payoff amount. It wasn’t me. No idea what’s going on. I could never be so lucky as to benefit from a catastrophic glitch, so I’m counting on it popping up somewhere (probably my credit report). Did they sell my loan? If so, then to whom? And why? And when will I be enlightened as to how I might begin repaying the new servicer? My sentiments follow….


    • Update:
      Received an email (from the receiving servicer) that my loan was transferred to them. Mohela – A Department of Education Servicer. Just has a link to their website. So now I guess I’ll just click on this link and enter my social security number to get started, right? But how would anyone know it’s real? It’s from some company they’ve probably never heard of! And there was absolutely no other notice from the DoE about loans being transferred.

      Couldn’t anyone just make up a fake email pretending to be from Mohela or any other servicer? You click on the link, go to a site that looks like the real thing, enter in all your info… boom, they have your information including your social, date of birth, name, address, etc. If I was an identity thief, I would do exactly that. I [almost] hope someone does this so the DoE has to taste its own failure.

      Why didn’t they notify people about the outsourcing from inside their Dept. Of Education accounts? Or from an official Government Department of Education email address? [head shake]…. Jeez!

  41. The old system worked well and you could really manage your account.

    THE NEW SITE IS USELESS. There is no access to forms. I find my way blocked at every turn. It’s a ‘shut up and pay’ site now, and apparently based on other feedback, it doesn’t even do that well.

    Specifically, I had a deferment, and now there is no record of it, or any way to request an extension.

  42. Education Department didn’t draw money from my bank on my due date even I enrolled auto-debit in old website, and got confirmation letter. So, I had to pay online from new website for my second payment and it worked several days later. However, my new bill says that I have past due on my first payment even I paid it on 10/03. My bank statement could prove it. I just graduated and made two payments for my loan. But it seems nobody touched my account to adjust at this new website.
    I am really worrying about they will report to credit department about past due by accident. Where are all our information from the old website? Is there any Officer or Goverment take action about this issue? Does somebody care for us? Dept know the issue and our concerns, but they even don’t send us any information about “accidentally past due”…..so irresponsible…I don’t want to guess or assume that they will adjust later …..maybe one more month or… year to wait?????


  43. I am very confused. I called the Direct Loan Servicing Center today. I was never notified that my extra payments would be applied as pre-payments of my loan, rather than be applied to the principal (as it had in the past). I am also confused about why the automatic debiting from my checking account was not happening despite multiple requests from me and was told it was due to the change to your computer system.

    I asked you to send me the copy of the letter (or email) that was sent to me to communicate this change, and even though you told me it had indeed been sent, you cannot send me a copy of the letter. I am extremely doubtful that this change was ever communicated to me or other borrowers and it seems like a highly fraudulent lending practice.

    My loan balance is very high and it is in your best interest for me to pay it off as slowly as possible so that I pay more and more interest over the lifetime of the loan. With so many other people defaulting on their student loans, I expected more from the federal government – you should be helping borrowers repay their loans as quickly (and economically) as possible. After three phone calls and now two written letters and two emails, I do not understand why this process has been so difficult.

  44. I would like the old system back, if possible. It was quite functional for me, and judging from the other comments, many other people.

    As someone pointed out above, even if the new website worked as it was supposed to, it has far fewer features than the old one. The old one was clear and easy to navigate. The new one feels like a kindergarten version of “how to do computers” than a serious site for serious business that treats loan borrowers with respect. Here are some of *my* specific complaints about the site itself:

    1. There’s no easy way to change payment plans. One has to click on “lower my payments” even if one wishes to switch to a plan–say from extended to standard–that would increase monthly payments. (For what it’s worth, I haven’t been able to get that far, an error message keeps popping up that no one at the servicing center has explained to me.) One also has to start with entering in their income, whereas most repayment plans do not depend on income. I think the users are smart enough to navigate the different plans themselves without having to go through this hurdle. Finally, the old website allowed you to see how the loan repayments would be amortized before you decide to choose them.

    2. The old website had an easy to read grid on which one could see, at a glance, all their direct loans, with principal owing and interests accrued, along with interest paid. The new site is clumsy: we must click on each individual account, which takes up almost the entire screen.

    3. I have sent emails to the loan servicers, and none of their responses showed up in the “my secure message” box. They all have been sent to my email address. That seems very insecure to me, although I stand to be corrected (I’m not an expert on computers or websites).

    4. I mailed in a payment about a month ago and it still hasn’t been applied to my account. And of course, my prior payment history has been lost.

    I’m quite distressed at this. I remember being very impressed by the old website and how easy it was to manage. It gave me hope that although student loans might be a difficult thing to repay, I at least had a lot of control over how I repaid them and a lot of flexibility to review my account and keep tabs on it. Now, I feel like I’m in the dark and owe this huge amount of money that I’m not even aware of.

    • Finally, one more thing:

      Have there been any more memos or updates from Mr. Duncan or the Education Department regarding these problems. The only one I’m aware of is this update, dated from October 12. Does the government have any more to say? I would appreciate more frequent updates that address the specific problems. Anything, even an acknowledgment that they are still working on it.

      I really don’t like to see people lose their job, especially in this economy, but the person(s) responsible should resign, not just for the mishaps and bad decisions, but for the general lack of responsiveness at even the most superficial level from those actually in charge.

  45. They have taken 6 payments from me only 2 have been posted and they both are short by $200. The other payments aren’t showing up. I’ve sent 3 certified letters and no response. I have called 4 times and can not receive any help, just that they are working on it. I WANT TO FILE A LAW SUIT. How will this ever get corrected. I am so angry. They are making this very difficult. If someone has some answers please let me know. I’ll be calling again tomorrow morning, pray for me.

    • I think that you wouldn’t be in the wrong. We are supposed to trust these people with our money and our livelihood. Why do I get the feeling that this system is just as corrupt as the big lobbying companies are? I never liked Nelnet. They were always more than happy to apply ridiculous late fees no matter what your situation and now the government is handing them the keys to our lives and letting them take us for a ride. Every company seems to be CAPITALIZING on the “peasants’”. I’m just calling it like I see it….FIRST AMMENDMENT

  46. They still have not credited my October payment, which I can prove with a bank statement that I made on September 23rd. Fraud fraud fraud!

  47. Incredibly frustrated. My monthly payment was debited from my bank account three times in the past 2 days. When I called the Direct Loan customer service, they said it was my bank’s fault since they only showed 1 payment. I called my bank and they said 3 payments were drawn from Direct Loan. Less than an hour later I checked my loan account online and now the 3 payments were showing. Now I also notice my monthly payment amount has increased more than $350 with no explanation. Is anyone else having these problems? I called the customer service line again but got the message that they were receiving too many calls. I emailed from my online account but haven’t gotten any response.

  48. Whoever is running this show has no clue on how to fix the problems they’ve caused. I’ve been waiting for over a month and all I can get is “we’re aware of the issues and we are working on them” Right!

    I want to send an interest payment in but I’m leary of it being misapplied, not applied, or worse.

    Can’t wait until end of January to see how badly the 2011 1098e’s are screwed up. My guess is that we’ll be on our own as far as reporting accurate information to the IRS.

    • Ed, I am in the same boat as you. Up until the beginning of October, I was happily sending payments to cover interest on outstanding Stafford Loans. Since that time, I’ve submitted multiple payments, NONE of which have impacted either my accrued interest or outstanding balances on these accounts. A dozen or two phone calls have not gotten me anywhere on this. I am working with resources to evaluate and address this obvious malpractice issue…

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